Department of Finance

Global Energy Management Program

Energy Faculty

Praveen Kumar
El Paso Corporation - JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A. Professor in International Business
Ph.D. Stanford University

Prior to joining the UH faculty in 1996, Professor Kumar served on the faculty of the Graduate School of Industrial Administration at Carnegie-Mellon University. He is the recipient of the University of Houston Enron Teaching Excellence Award for 2001-02, and Excellence in Classroom Award from Carnegie Mellon University. Professor Kumar is widely published in the leading finance, economics, and management journals. His areas of specialization include Real Options, Corporate Financial Policies and Governance, Stochastic Processes, and Industrial Organization.

Craig Pirrong
Professor of Finance
Director of Energy Markets, GEMI
Ph.D. University of Chicago

Prior to joining UH, Dr. Pirrong was the Watson Family Professor of Commodity and Financial Risk Management and Associate Professor of Finance at Oklahoma State University. He has also served as a faculty member of the University of Michigan, of the University of Chicago, and of Washington University in St. Louis. Professor Pirrong's research focuses on the economics of commodity markets, the relation between market fundamentals and commodity price dynamics, and the implications of this relation for the pricing of commodity derivatives. His recent research is concentrated on the power markets. Professor Pirrong has also published extensively on the economics of financial exchanges, publishing 30 articles in professional publications and three books. Professor Pirrong has consulted widely; past clients include electric utilities, major commodity processors and consumers, and commodity exchanges around the world.