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Energy and Sustainability Minor (Interdisciplinary - Open to All Majors on Campus)

The Energy and Sustainability minor is designed to provide both business and non-business majors with an interdisciplinary approach to broad issues regarding energy and sustainability, with a common introductory course and capstone course. Topics would include existing, transitional, and alternative energy resources; conservation and consumption; and energy and sustainability from the perspectives of economics and business, architecture and design, public policy, and education.

Requirements to Declare: A 2.5 cumulative GPA on 15 or more hours at UH is the requirement to declare the Energy and Sustainability minor.

GPA Requirements: A 2.0 or higher cumulative GPA in all courses attempted for the minor are required for graduation. All attempted courses from the courses listed below are used toward the calculation.

Minor Course and Residency Requirements: The Energy and Sustainability minor consists of 18 hours, 9 hours of which must be advanced, and 6 of the 9 advanced hours must be in residence.

Required courses:

1) ENRG 3310: Introduction to Energy & Sustainability: (Ongjen Miljanic) TTh 1-2:30

2) ENRG 4320: Capstone Course for Energy & Sustainability minor: In fall 2014, it will be arranged as a research project within other courses or as an independent study course. There will be a large section of a new version of the capstone in the Spring of 2015.


3) 12 hours selected from the following, with no more than 6 hours from any one area:

See a list of the qualifying electives listed below that are offered in Fall 2014 here:
Courses for Energy & Sustainability Minor, Fall 2014 (Adobe Acrobat PDF)

  • ARCH 3367 Sustainable Architecture (Prerequisite: junior standing)
  • ARCH 3368 Sustainable Development (Prerequisite: junior standing)
  • ARCH 3397 Green Building
  • ARCH 3397 Landscape / Ecology / Urbanization
  • BIOL 3359 Environmental Biology of Texas (Prerequisites: BIOL 1361 and 1362)
  • BIOL 4368 Ecology (Prerequisites: BIOL 1361 and 1362)
  • CIVE 3331 Environmental Engineering
  • CIVE 4333 Waste & Water Treatment
  • ECON 3385 Economics of Energy (Prerequisite: ECON 2304 or 3332 or consent of instructor)
  • ELET 4394 Principle and Application of Fuel Cells
  • ENGL 3396 Selected Topics: Writing Eco-City: Focus Houston)
  • ENRG 4397 Selected Topics in Energy and Sustainability (may be repeated when topics vary)
  • ENRG 4398 Independent Study in Energy and Sustainability (may be arranged with an instructor any semester)
  • GEOL 1302 Introduction to Climate Change
  • GEOL 1102 Introduction to Climate Change (lab)
  • GEOL 3333 Earth Resources
  • GEOL 3342 Introduction to Air Pollution
  • GEOL 1102 Introduction to Climate Change (lab)
  • GEOL 4339 Biogeochemistry
  • HIST 3378 The Modern Middle East
  • HIST 3394 Special Topics in U.S. History: Energy in Modern America
  • HIST 4318: Africa and the Oil Industry
  • HIST 4322 Environment in U.S. History
  • HIST 4386 Africa 1945 to Present
  • PETR 1100 Introduction to Petroleum Engineering (1 hour)
  • POLS 3326 Government-Politics in the Middle East (Prerequisites: POLS 1336 and 1337)
  • POLS 4349 International Energy Politics
  • POLS 4363 Science, Technology, and Public Policy
  • TECH 1325 Energy for Society
  • TECH 4310 Future of Energy and the Environment
  • Other courses relating to energy and/or sustainability approved by the program manager.
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