Red Unites Us

Red Unites Us: The Bauer Way


At the C. T. Bauer College of Business, we are passionate about transforming lives and building a brighter future for our students and our society. How do we do this? Simply put, it begins with you — each member of our faculty, administration and student body — operating as a strong and connected team. Red unites us as Cougars and as Bauer. The elements of our culture were created with the insights from many of you, making this book and its contents unique to us. It comes from within and is built on the belief that our people are our greatest asset. We make Bauer College of Business come to life by aligning with our vision, mission, strategic foundations, values and behaviors. The Bauer Way is the groundwork for a positive and collaborative culture, driving us to be a leader among other business schools and to provide our students with a valuable education.


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Visual Map of our Cultural Exostystem

Our Cultural Ecosystem

Here is a visual map showing how all of our foundational elements fit together, helping us to sing out of the same songbook about how we work together and aligning on the things that matter most.

Our Vision

Where we're going.

To be a world-class business school that transforms lives, organizations, and society.

Our Mission

Why we exist.

To offer leading-edge student-centered education that is accessible and affordable, founded on research and grounded in the real world.

Our Strategic Foundations

How we get there.


We actively engage all stakeholders in order to achieve our mission and vision.


We always seek to innovate with an entrepreneurial spirit and mindset.


We endeavor to transform lives, organizations and society.

Our Values

What motivates us.

Values form the foundation of a strong organization. They are the clearly defined, shared beliefs that each of us commits to and the beliefs that give us a sense of direction and motivation. Everything we do, every action each of us takes, is motivated by our shared Bauer values.


We lead by example and create direction and purpose for the school. We energize individuals to strive towards a compelling vision of the future by embracing Bauer’s values in all aspects of their work.


We communicate openly and transparently, hold ourselves accountable, and we follow the highest standard of integrity and ethics.


We cherish diversity and we encourage inclusivity by treating all members of the Bauer community with respect and dignity.


We strive for distinction, originality, and brilliance in everything we do.


We are creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial in addressing challenges and opportunities, we value ground-breaking ideas, and we challenge the status quo.

Our Behaviors

How we do what we do.

By clearly defining and providing examples of how everyone should behave each and every day, core behaviors help us to shape our culture at Bauer. Ultimately, behaviors serve as a tangible link between our values and our individual day to day work.

Our behaviors are divided into two categories: Core and Leadership Behaviors.

All of us are tasked with learning the core behaviors and putting them into practice every day. In addition to core behaviors, our leadership positions are expected to learn and practice their own set of behaviors.

Our Behaviours

Our Five Core Behaviors

The expectations of everyone.

Core Behavior

Doing the Right Thing

You create a culture fostering the highest standards of ethics. You instill trust and demonstrate professional responsibility and commitment to all faculty, staff, students, alumni, and community.

Behavioral Examples:

  • Behaves in an honest, fair, and ethical manner
  • Shows consistency in words and actions; follows through on commitments
  • Models the highest standards of ethics and the Bauer core values
  • Is authentic, transparent, accountable for actions, and open to improvement

Core Behavior

Vision and Mission Focused

You embrace and demonstrate your commitment to Bauer’s vision and mission, communicating and behaving in a way that attracts ongoing support for where the organization is going and how it will get there.

Behavioral Examples:

  • Works to create a spirit of cooperation, partnership, and collaboration in order to ensure people are committed to our vision and mission
  • Encourages the pursuit of ambitious goals that are aligned with our vision and mission
  • Understands how all members of the Bauer family’s work is interrelated and contributes to the accomplishment of our vision and mission
  • Demonstrates both the capacity and flexibility to implement any changes necessary to achieve our vision and mission

Core Behavior

Adapting to Change

You effectively adjust to change, openly receive new ideas, and accept other perspectives.

Behavioral Examples:

  • Recognizes change as an opportunity for learning and growth
  • Achieves forward progress in the face of poorly defined situations
  • Maintains a positive, productive attitude in the face of ambiguity
  • Is open and receptive to other points of view

Core Behavior

Passionate About Your Work

You believe your work is meaningful and makes a real difference. You are committed to your goals and to achieving them.

Behavioral Examples:

  • Understands and aligns individual professional goals with the goals of the organization
  • Believes in the importance of their work and how it will contribute to things they care deeply about
  • Demonstrates a high level of interest, care, and enthusiasm for their work
  • Inspires others by his/her actions

Core Behavior

Championing Student Neeeds

You anticipate and respond to the needs and requests of students (and faculty, staff, alumni, and the community). You are always respectful and considerate in your interactions.

Behavioral Examples:

  • Places high priority on student needs and concerns
  • Keeps in mind that faculty, staff, alumni, and the community are integral to student success
  • Defends student interests and goals; acts as an advocate for the student
  • Encourages people to think about the student when making decisions

Our Six Leadership Behaviors

The expectations of leaders.

Leadership Behavior

Inspiring others

You lead by example and create direction and purpose for the organization. You energize individuals to strive towards a compelling vision of the future by embracing Bauer’s values in all aspects of their work.

Behavioral Examples:

  • Sets the standard for living out Bauer’s values and behaviors
  • Helps others see the benefits of doing their job well, for themselves, the organization and the greater good
  • Appropriately recognizes and celebrates individuals, teams, and the organization for excellent work
  • Demonstrates emotional intelligence and fosters connection among students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the community

Leadership Behavior

Strategic Thinking

You develop and evaluate critical decisions and actions in light of the Bauer strategic plan. You view the organization holistically and synthesize complexity to initiate innovative ideas.

Behavioral Examples:

  • Anticipates future possibilities and embraces visionary thinking
  • Challenges the status quo and questions current ways of thinking
  • Anticipates obstacles and develops contingency plans for both short-term and long-term success
  • Cultivates relationships and partnerships that support the whole organization and its vision

Leadership Behavior

Communicating Effectively

You convey ideas clearly and succinctly. You articulate the appropriate message to your audience and demonstrate active listening.

Behavioral Examples:

  • Communicates in a clear, interesting, and compelling manner
  • Listens attentively and without prejudgment or distraction
  • Ensures information is being understood as intended by asking follow up questions
  • Discerns the best mode of communication for what the situation requires (in-person, phone, email, etc.)

Leadership Behavior

Managing Talent

You focus on attracting and retaining the right talent. You devote the necessary time to develop and improve your employees. You appropriately recognize and reward people who perform at a high level.

Behavioral Examples:

  • Demonstrates a commitment to attracting, retaining and empowering high performers
  • Encourages and supports employees’ professional development
  • Engages in open, constant communication with employees; gives constructive, developmental feedback and advice
  • Looks for ways to reward people for their accomplishments; provides both informal and formal recognition

Leadership Behavior

Leading Change

You demonstrate the ability to bring about strategic change in order to meet organizational goals. You remain focused on the organizational vision in a changing environment.

Behavioral Examples:

  • Creates buy in needed to ensure change is implemented and embraced
  • Effectively communicates a case for change by linking to the Bauer strategic plan
  • Determines the impact of the change and those that are most affected
  • Implements a support structure and provides effective training

Leadership Behavior

Setting Expectations

You establish and communicate clear expectations, provide coaching and feedback, and evaluate progress and performance.

Behavioral Examples:

  • Establishes an environment that promotes an open-door atmosphere, the sharing of ideas, and involvement in decision making processes
  • Clarifies expectations by setting long and short-term goals with employees
  • Utilizes measures for performance that employees understand
  • Looks for ways to keep employees engaged and provides opportunities for growth

Red unites Us

Each of us plays a pivotal role in bringing our foundational elements and ultimately, our culture to life. This way book describes who we are today, who we want to be tomorrow and how we continue to provide valuable education for our future leaders who will ultimately transform our world.

The Future is Our Business, and it starts with you!