Summer Visiting Students

Students from other universities who temporarily (during the summer) take business courses at the University of Houston with the intention of transferring back to their home institution are called Summer Visiting (or Summer Transient) students.

  • Who may enroll?

    Summer Visiting students may enroll in undergraduate business courses during the open enrollment period as long as a desired course is open, they meet the course prerequisites, and have permission from their academic advisor at their home school and from the Office of Undergraduate Business Programs.

  • Enrollment Step 1:  Check course availability
  • Enrollment Step 2: Contact Bauer College
  • Enrollment Step 3: Request Advisor Verification
  • Enrollment Step 4: Apply to UH
  • Enrollment Step 5: Remove TSI Hold
  • Enrollment Step 6: Notify Bauer College and Request Enrollment


Bauer Pathway Program