Graduate and Professional Programs

MS SCM Frequently Asked Questions

Program Overview

Frequently Asked Questions for MS Supply Chain Management students are presented here, divided into the categories:


  • Is the MS-SCM Program a full-time program?
    • No, the program may be completed on a full-time or part-time basis.
  • Are there summer classes?
    • Summer classes are offered on a very limited basis.
  • Can I register to begin the program in a spring or summer semester?
    • The MS SCM program only has a Fall and Spring semester start.
  • Can I use prior certification courses in supply chain management to waive program required courses?
    • No.

The Application Process

  • Which of the admissions criteria are most important?
    • The admissions committee evaluates an application in its entirety, searching for strengths in all areas.
  • How important is my work experience in the admission decision?
    • Professional work experience is required. This is a professional oriented program, where learning is derived from the curriculum, as well as interaction from peers.
  • Must I have an undergraduate degree to enter the graduate program?
    • Yes.
  • What undergraduate major is required?
    • The undergraduate major is not specified. Supply chain management professionals come from a variety of business, engineering, science, agriculture and other disciplines.