Faculty Led Study Abroad

Learning Abroad opportunities abound for undergraduate, graduate students

Bauer College faculty-led learning abroad programs are designed to give students an opportunity to learn about local business practices "on the ground" by immersing students in local culture, learning from on-site visits with local businesses, and meeting with government officials.

Opportunities include:

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EMBA students can learn up-close during International Business Residency

In order to prepare EMBA students for the impact the global marketplace will have on their companies and their careers, we provide an opportunity for all students to travel abroad internationally and learn about a country's business practices and culture.

The International Business Residency (IBR) takes place between the first and the second year of classes. Each class will travel to a pre-determined country with their class and an instructor for seven days. While abroad, students will be exposed to a variety of political, business, and cultural aspects of that country.

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