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Global Research

Bauer researchers are amongst the best in their field, and regularly publish scholarly work with a global impact.

Six Bauer Faculty Appointed to Peer Reviewed Journal Editorial Board
Six Bauer Faculty Appointed to Peer Reviewed Journal Editorial Board

Six marketing faculty members at the C. T. Bauer College of Business now serve on the editorial review board of the Journal of Marketing Research (JMR), a highly respected bimonthly peer-reviewed journal that serves scholarly and practitioner communities in the field of Marketing.

Going "Over the Top"

Assistant Professor Shijie Lu of the Department of Marketing & Entrepreneurship tracks global media streaming habits using quantitative analysis and has co-authored a study that sheds light on implications of the emergence of over-the-top (OTT) media to copyright protection. The researchers wanted to determine how streaming habits were impacted when Netflix was unexpectedly blocked in Indonesia in 2016.

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Special Issue on Corporate Sustainability

JIBS has issued a new call for papers for a special issue on “The global scope of corporate sustainability: Multinational firms, supply chains, and the private governance of social and environmental issues,” with a submission deadline of September 1, 2021. More information: