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Art Saxby

Art Saxby

Founder and Principal
Chief Outsiders

Innovator and born nomad, Art Saxby has a reputation for being “Mr. Fix It” for mid-to- large-size corporate situations.

Formerly, Saxby was hired as the Vice President of Corporate Development, Sales and Marketing at Hines Horticulture to reposition a faltering company. During his tenure, Saxby led the implementation of new strategy helping position the company for sale. While the Vice President of Marketing at Imperial Sugar, Saxby introduced an innovative customer based growth strategy that helped drive the company’s stock price from a previous $1.05 to $35 a share.

A seasoned professional, he has worked in marketing and strategy at Frito-Lay, Kellogg’s, Coca- Cola, Compaq Computers/HP, and Imperial Sugar. He is not only known for providing new ways to think about a company’s present and future, but he is also skilled at effectively implementing organizational change to realize a company’s full potential.

After bringing the stock price to an all-time high for a billion dollar company, driving a 41% profit increase of internet services, and leading new product launches in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa, Saxby is incredibly effective in a wide range of environments. Saxby is extremely proficient in finance and operations while also maintaining a solid background in branding and positioning, multi-cultural marketing, advertising, communications strategy, change management, and more.

Keeping with the core values of Chief Outsiders, Saxby adheres to the ideology that the CMO is the #2 marketer to the CEO. With this in mind, Saxby has positioned himself as an outsider in an effort to identify a company’s original goals, efficiently develop plans to overcome obstacles, and ultimately align strategy, vision, and focus to reach profitability and success in a measureable way.

Saxby is equipped with in-depth global marketing expertise with companies including Frito-Lay, Kellogg’s, Coke, and Compaq/HP. As a Chief Marketing Outsider, Saxby adds dynamic thinking, innovation, sales leadership, humor, and much more to Chief Outsiders.

Saxby is a husband, father of two, cyclist, wine enthusiast, and world traveler - although he doesn’t believe in booking the same vacation spot twice, sighting that there’s too much in the world to see. Saxby, his wife, and two daughters live in Cypress, Texas.