Department of Management & Leadership

Management & Leadership Minor

  • Junior standing
Required courses
  • MANA 3335: Introduction to Organizational Behavior and Management
  • Twelve hours of advanced management electives

Leadership Minor for Business and Non-Business Majors

A minor in leadership reflects a defined and coherent set of courses that include knowledge and skill development for students who aspire to be leaders in today’s rapidly changing environment. This knowledge and skill will help students improve their sets of competencies for a highly competitive job market in the real world of business. Organizations in all sectors have voiced a concern regarding the apparent lack of leadership skills among their employees. A background in effectively managing human resources, ethics, change, organizational behavior, as well as an entire course devoted to developing individual leadership skills will address this need.

Required courses


  • MANA 3335 Introduction to Organizational Behavior and Management
  • MANA 4341 Leading Organizational Change
    (Formerly Introduction to Organizational Change)
  • MANA 4330 Introduction to Human Resources Management
  • MANA 4397 Leadership Development
  • MANA 4397 Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Courses will include guest lectures by prominent leaders, case studies, and role-playing, as well as lectures, discussions and presentations. Students cannot count courses toward both the leadership minor and their business major requirements, or another business minor. These courses can, however, be used to meet advanced business elective requirements. Non-business majors seeking a minor in business must have the same grade point average required of students changing their major to pre-business at the time of filing for the minor.