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All courses now available online!

As a result of recent events, Bauer Executive Education will not be hosting any face-to-face to courses. All of our courses will be available online. You will either be able to take your course online at your own pace, or you will join a Zoom meeting at a specific time, on a specific date, for virtual options.

If you have any questions, you may request a phone call or a zoom meeting to discuss our course options that would best fit you and your goals.


Our world-class faculty uses the latest research and practical experience to create a dynamic learning experience for executives.

Executive Education Certificate Programs at the C. T. Bauer College of business are designed and taught by our faculty and industry experts. Certificate Programs provide clearly defined learning objectives, assessments, and intellectual rigor designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to be successful leaders in their industry. Every 10 hours of instruction in one of our certificate programs earn one CEU credit.

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The Music Industry and the Digital Age

Whether you are a music industry executive, staff producer, artist, songwriter, manager, music publisher, or just someone who cares about the entertainment industry, this course is essential to developing a core understanding of the music business, finding talent, marketing and business issues beneficial to those pursuing, or wishing to pursue, a career in the music industry. ​Learn more and register.

​Customer Experience Certificate Program

Excellent customer experience creates brand loyalty, affinity, and drives revenue. The CX Certificate Program offered through the C. T. Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston may be one of the most important investments your company can make. Whether you attend the four-day in-person classroom experience or join us online, you will learn to understand how customer's feel about your company based on their experiences. You will develop deeper customer insights and learn how to integrate innovative digital methodology that will make your organization stand apart from the competition. The Bauer CX Program is designed by industry experts and thought leaders, for professionals seeking advanced skills in this fast-growing discipline. Classes feature a hands-on, interactive approach designed to provide the skills required to lead your company’s new customer experience culture. ​Learn more and register.

Women in Leadership

Jan. 15-16, 2021: Explore unique leadership styles, develop personal policies, skills and implementable action plans to increase happiness and decrease stress, and develop a portfolio of negotiation skills that can help you manage conflict and navigate the business landscape. Learn more.



We offer finance certificates on the following topics:

Financial Management

April 15, 2021 and November 3, 2021: This course covers the basic concepts of financial accounting and management that are essential for the efficient operation of any business. The day is split between morning and afternoon modules. The morning module covers basic financial accounting topics and the afternoon module builds on these to cover financial management skills.



We offer management certificates on the following topics:

Developing Leader Character

February 11-12, 2021: This workshop focuses on the element of leadership that has largely been neglected in leadership development: Character. Although character is often thought to be a subjective construct, this workshop argues otherwise. We will discuss the concrete behaviors associated with different eleven character dimensions (accountability, drive, collaboration, courage, justice, temperance, humility, humanity, integrity, transcendence, and judgment), and illustrate how these behaviors can be developed, how character can be strengthened, and how it leads to improved decision making and judgment.

From Management to Leadership

February 18, 2021: Every company needs leaders – those who inspire others, create change in the company, elevate profitability and expand market share. But few managers understand the unique strengths needed to become such a leader. You’ve been an individual contributor until this point; now, you’ve been elevated to a new role. Suddenly old methods for interactions change. Expectations deepen. How can you develop the new strengths needed to be successful in your new role? This one-day course will help you develop the critical skills you will need to advance from tactical to strategic; from contributor to achiever; from manager to leader. Take all three modules in one day, or take each session as time permits. Once complete, you will have the strategies, tools and techniques to enhance your leadership potential.

Managing Human Resources

February 25, 2021 and September 21, 2021: This workshop focuses on familiarizing managers with the key human resource management decisions in organizations. The workshop looks at a number of functional HR areas including staffing, training and development, performance management, and compensation and benefits. The workshop covers key employment laws which all managers should be familiar with.

Strategic Management

March 1-2, 2021: Sharpen your ability to think tactically and strategically in our Strategic Management Class. Diagnose situations from a strategic perspective and make decisions in a dynamic, uncertain environment. Decision making and judgment are the cornerstones of effective management; this course will help you hone your skills.

Executive Communications and Presence

March 11, 2021 and October 5, 2021: Speaking clearly and confidently in public is a valuable and often essential leadership skill to possess. This course offers you a basic and practical background on the principles of public speaking, as well as practical experience with basic types of speeches.

Leading High Performance Teams

March 26, 2021 and September 1, 2021: Course provides participants with key concepts and knowledge that will help them not only to understand the nature of high performance teams but also to develop and sustain them in practice.

Data Analytics for Decision-Making and Problem-Solving for Executives and Managers

May 20-21, 2021: Now more than ever from baseball to politics and from supply chain to marketing, data analytics is helping decision makers understand information can be used to design and deploy superior strategies that produce superior results. Managers and leaders from all levels of the organization need to understand how to define the challenges they face and how to employ analytics to address those challenges. This course will help you apply analytical business strategy by putting data analytics to valuable use inside of your company creating a solid base of knowledge which will allow you to go out and solve real world business problems.



We offer marketing certificates on the following topics:

Search Engine Optimization

Search engines have changed the way people get information and make purchase decisions. When customers search the web for your product or service, will they see your company in the results? Will they click through to your website?

Search Engine Advertising

Search engines have changed the way people get information and make purchase decisions. When customers search the web for your product or service, will they see your company in the results? Will they click through to your website?

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the backbone of digital marketing. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 93% of B2B marketers have embraced content marketing over traditional advertising. Content marketing, through its focus on providing timely and relevant information to your target market, fosters better relationships with potential buyers and moves them through the buying process at their own speed.

Web Analytics

Successful marketing requires a unique blend of art and science. As we move from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 and beyond, the wealth of data and information available to marketers has increased exponentially. This course introduces you to web analytics and helps you create a comprehensive strategy for measuring your inbound marketing activities.

Social Media Marketing

In today’s economy, companies that are behind the curve in social media are putting themselves at a competitive disadvantage. Successful companies need effective and profitable social media strategies. After this course, you will be able to use social media tools and platforms to promote and position your brand.


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