Foundations of Supply Chain Management

Upcoming Dates: September 13, 2024
Time: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Cost: $1,420
Location: UH Campus

Course Description

The emergence of global competition, e-commerce, trade wars and the Covid-19 pandemic make supply chain management a focal topic in corporate boardrooms. Despite numerous complexities and challenges (disasters, geopolitical factors, scarcity of resources, etc.) facing firms in the last decade, the Covid-19 pandemic drove home the point that many firms are not prepared to deal with the consequences of supply chain disruptions, and experienced major failures. However, the pandemic highlights the importance of supply chain planning and execution, not only for firm success, but also for meeting essential consumer needs, such as medical supplies, food and consumer products. In many industries, firms that survived the storm are those that embraced technological advancements, flexibility, quick response and the ability to adapt. These companies were able to quickly reorganize their supply chain activities and emerge as resilient leaders of their industries.

Learning Goals

This session provides participants with an overview of supply chain management and its strategic role in firm performance. The session allows participants to:

  • Assess the alignment of a firm’s supply chain strategy with its overall corporate strategy.
  • Identify supply chain’s role in creating competitive advantage in the marketplace, and ultimately enhance the firm’s market equity.
  • Identify supply risk and risk mitigation strategies
  • Learn about technological advancements supporting supply chain’s strategic role
  • Learn about industry best practices for supply chain management
  • More effectively contribute to discussions about the role of supply chain management within the participants’ companies.


Photo: Funda Sahin

Funda Sahin, Ph.D.
Associate Professor