Bauer Graduate Certificates

Investment Banking and Private Equity Certificate

You must be a current Bauer graduate student (MBA or MS) to earn one of our graduate certificates listed on this page.

The Investment Banking and Private Equity Certificate prepares students for a career in investment banking and private equity. Investment banks and private equity funds assist corporations in their financial decision making and in the implementation of their financial strategies. This includes decisions about capital structure, raising funds (by issuing securities), and financial restructuring of a firm: Mergers and acquisitions, buyouts, initial public offerings, and the resolution of financial distress. Experts in this area may also be hired by large and mid-size corporations (business development), consulting firms, and commercial banks.

Required courses
(need 9 credit hours)
  • FINA 7A10: Intermediate Corporate Finance: Valuation (1.5 cr.)
  • FINA 7A20: Capital Markets (1.5 cr.)
  • FINA 7A30: Advanced Corporate Finance (1.5 cr.)
  • FINA 7A33: Mergers, Acquisitions and Joint Ventures (1.5 cr.)
  • FINA 7326: Private Equity and Investment Banking (3.0 cr.)
Additional recommended courses:

These courses are not required, but if students are interested in taking more courses in this area, these are courses they should consider first.

  • FINA 7360: International Finance (3.0 cr.)
  • FINA 7372: Upstream Economics (3.0 cr.)
  • ACCT 7340: Financial Statement Analysis (3.0 cr.)
  • FINA 7371: Energy Value Chain (3.0 cr.)
  • FINA 7A23: Portfolio Theory and Practice (1.5 cr.)