Global Management Certificate

You must be a current Bauer graduate student (MBA or MS) to earn one of our graduate certificates listed on this page.

This includes understanding differences in managing multi-national rather than domestic firms, and how globalization has forever transformed the business environment. Students can also get firsthand knowledge of country differences and global businesses through courses that include a study abroad component.

  • Global Management Certificate Curriculum

    (Need 9 credit hours)

    For students who are admitted Fall 2016 and later.

    • MANA 7343 International Legal Environment of Management (Berlin)
    • MANA 7346 Global Human Resource Management (Berlin)
    • MANA 7351 Management of Global Organizations
    • MANA 7353 Regional Issues in Global Management (Chile/China)
    • MANA 7354/7397 Cultural Issues in Global Management (Chile)
    • MANA 7375 Global Leadership
    • MANA 7393 Global Strategy (Berlin)
    • MANA 7397 (Any topic that is part of a learning abroad trip)
    • MANA 7397 (Any topic that is approved by the Department Chair)
    • INTB 7365 Business and World Economy
    • GENB 6330 International Environment of Business
    • GENB 7334/FINA 7397 Brainstorming to Bankrolling: Beyond the Classroom

    Elective certificates are only offered to actively-enrolled Bauer MBA and MS students. The only exception applies to MBA and MS alumni, who may also return to pursue certificates.

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