Healthcare Leadership Certificate

You must be a current Bauer graduate student (MBA or MS) to earn one of our graduate certificates listed on this page.

The primary purpose of this certificate is to reward students interested in understanding and improving the complex business of healthcare. This includes appreciating the major challenges of improving quality and access while decreasing cost in an industry that comprises nearly 20% of GDP and is an important factor in the lives of every individual and every business. This certificate will be of interest to anyone considering a career in healthcare including healthcare systems, pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing, and healthcare insurance and finance. It will also provide a solid background to those interested in pursuing a career in governmental policy making.

  • Healthcare Leadership Certificate Curriculum

    (Need 9 credit hours)

    For students who are admitted Fall 2016 and later.

    • MANA 7312 Fundamentals of Healthcare Business (required)
    • MANA 7322 Zero Harm Quality and Performance Management
    • MANA 7342 Challenges in Evolving Healthcare Law, Policy, and Ethics
    • MANA 7372 Leading Change in Healthcare
    • MANA 7382 Strategic Leadership in Healthcare

    Elective certificates are only offered to actively-enrolled Bauer MBA and MS students. The only exception applies to MBA and MS alumni, who may also return to pursue certificates.

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