Human Resource Management Certificate

You must be a current Bauer graduate student (MBA or MS) to earn one of our graduate certificates listed on this page.

The primary purpose of this certificate is to provide students with the know-how and skill-sets needed to effectively manage human resources in a variety of business contexts and settings.

  • Human Resource Management Certificate Curriculum

    (Need 9 credit hours)

    For students who are admitted Fall 2016 and later.

    • MANA 7336 Human Resource Management (REQUIRED)
    • MANA/FINA 7329 Behavioral Finance
    • MANA 7330 Legal Environment of Management
    • MANA 7334 Management Development & Career Planning
    • MANA 7344 Employee and Labor Relations
    • MANA 7346 Global Human Resource Management - (Berlin)
    • MANA 7355 Staffing & Performance Improvement Systems
    • MANA 7356 Diversity Management
    • MANA 7358 Compensation & Benefits
    • MANA 7380/7397 People Analytics
    • MANA 7394 Management of Human Resources in the Oil & Gas Industry
    • MANA 7397 (Any topic that is approved by the Department Chair)

    Elective certificates are only offered to actively-enrolled Bauer MBA and MS students. The only exception applies to MBA and MS alumni, who may also return to pursue certificates.

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