Bauer Graduate Certificates

Investment Analysis Certificate

You must be a current Bauer graduate student (MBA or MS) to earn one of our graduate certificates listed on this page.

The Investment Analysis Certificate prepares you for careers that include investment management, trading, security analysis, and personal financial planning. Students with this background may be hired by investment banks, institutional money management firms (mutual funds, hedge funds, pension funds etc.), firms that specialize in trading of derivatives, and personal financial planning specialist firms.

Required courses
(need 9 credit hours)
  • FINA 7A10: Intermediate Corporate Finance: Valuation (1.5 cr.)
  • FINA 7A20: Capital Markets (1.5 cr.)
  • FINA 7A23: Portfolio Theory and Practice (1.5 cr.)
  • FINA 7A97: Fixed Income Security Analysis (1.5 cr.)
Select 3 credit hours or more from below:
  • FINA 7350: Derivatives I: Options (3.0 cr.)
  • FINA 7A97: Personal Financial Planning (1.5 cr.)
  • FINA 7397: Financial Engineering (3.0 cr.)