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Wolff Center
for Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship Classes

If you want to learn more about entrepreneurship, develop skills as an innovative thinker and gain real world entrepreneurial experience — consider enrolling in one of the following classes. RED Labs offers classes with a wide range of entrepreneurial interests and goals. AND the following courses are open to all students, no prerequisites are required.


Offered: Spring and Fall Semester
Course Number: ENTR 3310

The perfect course for those students who have an interest in entrepreneurship, but don't know what being an entrepreneur actually means. You'll learn how entrepreneurship relates to starting and building a successful business. Enroll online through the UH enrollment system/AccessUH.

Intro to Technology Entrepreneurship

Offered: Spring and Fall Semester
Course Number: ENTR 3311/7390

Or the class on “How to come up with good ideas.” You don't need an idea, you don't need a team, you just need to be interested in using your skills to solve problems with innovative solutions. This class is designed to help you use the design thinking methodology to understand problems, and more importantly, to design solutions to those problems that deliver value to a customer. Listed as ENTR 3311 and ENTR 7390. Enroll online through the UH enrollment system/AccessUH.

Women in Entrepreneurship Class

Offered: Fall and Spring
Course Number: ENTR 3342/7342

This class focuses on women in entrepreneurial roles and provides a unique environment for women to learn the skills they need to become successful entrepreneurs and leaders. It is open to all students. Students will be asked to pursue their own entrepreneurial idea throughout the semester alongside skills development classes, speakers series, and curriculum focused on content you need to launch and lead companies. We will specifically focus on issues that may present for women in leadership and entrepreneurial roles. Listed as ENTR 3342/7342. Enroll online through the UH enrollment system/AccessUH.

Arts and Entrepreneurship

Offered: Spring Semester
Course Number: ENTR 4397

Arts and Entrepreneurship contains two components:

  1. How to create products including, digital design, 3D printing, and screen printing
  2. An introduction to e-commerce principles

Students will receive training, curriculum, mentorship and other resources to launch their online business throughout the course of the semester. Enroll online through the UH enrollment portal. If you have any questions about this course, email

RED Labs Pre Accelerator Class

Offered: Spring Semester
Course Number: ENTR 4393/7393

The Pre-Accelerator course is intended to help students and faculty test whether or not their tech idea is viable. We provide hands-on mentorship, guest speakers and startup curated curriculum to help students and faculty workshop their startup ideas.

Two types of students can enroll in this course. Either students that already have a startup idea of their own and want to work on developing the idea. Or students who don't have an idea of their own but do want to help a fellow student develop their idea. Both should fill out this form to be enrolled in the course and make sure to indicate if they have an idea or would like to join a team.

RED Labs/Launch Accelerator

Offered: Summer Semester
Course Number: ENTR 4394

Students spend the summer working to develop their own technology and small business venture into a real company by validating their business model and moving to launch.

Students that apply and are accepted into either the RED Labs Technology Summer Accelerator program or the RED Launch Small Business Accelerator program can be enrolled with the consent of the instructor.