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Editorial Positions and Board Appointments

Bauer faculty, if you would like to update your editorial positions and board memberships, please contact us with the information.

Accountancy & Taxation

  • Professor Saleha Khumawala (board member - Journal of Public Budgeting, Accounting and Financial Management)
  • Associate Professor Emre Kilic (board member - International Journal of Accounting Research)
  • Professor Gerald Lobo (board member – Advances in Quantitative Finance and Accounting; board member – Malaysian Accounting Review; board member – China Journal of Accounting Research)
  • Associate Professor Janet Meade (board member - Advances in Taxation)
  • Professor Tom Noland (board member - Advances in Quantitative Finance and Accounting)

Decision & Information Sciences

  • Associate Professor David Peng (associate editor – Journal of Supply Chain Management; area editor – Journal of Operations Management; associate editor – Decision Science Journal)
  • Associate Professor Robert Bregman (associate editor – Production and Inventory Management Journal)
  • Associate Professor Funda Sahin (associate editor – Decision Sciences Journal)
  • Professor Powell Robinson (associate editor – Decision Sciences Journal; associate editor – Journal of Business Logistics)
  • Professor Wynne Chin (guest senior editor - MIS Quarterly and Journal of the AIS)
  • Associate Professor Jaana Porra (associate editor - Journal of the Association for Information Systems; senior editor: Journal of Information Technology, Special issue titled “Research on Information Systems Comes of Age – Why History Matters,” forthcoming in 2013; board member - Information Systems and e-Business Management Journal)
  • Associate Professor Norman Johnson (associate editor – Decisions Science Journal; associate editor – European Journal of Information Systems)
  • Associate Professor Leiser Silva (senior editor – special issue of the Information Systems Journal on Information Technology in developing countries)


  • Professor Jeremy Berkowitz (board member – The Journal of Risk; board member – Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics; board member – J. International Financial Markets, Inst. & Money; board member – Asian Journal of Finance and Accounting)
  • Professor Tom George (associate editor – Review of Financial Economics)
  • Cullen Distinguished Chair and Department Chair Praveen Kumar (Co-Editor-in-Chief – Corporate Governance: An International Review)
  • Professor Stuart Turnbull (associate editor – Mathematical Finance; associate editor – International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Finance; associate editor – Journal of Derivatives; associate editor – Journal of Credit Risk; board member – International Review of Applied Finance Issues and Economics)


  • Professor Leanne Atwater (senior editor – Leadership Quarterly; board member – Military Psychology)
  • Professor Laura Cardinal (board member – Organization Science; board member – Strategic Management Journal; board governor – Academy of Management)
  • Professor Robert Keller (board member – The Leadership Quarterly; board member – IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management; board member – The Journal of High Technology Management Research)
  • Assistant Professor Dejun Tony Kong (Editorial Review Board Member – Journal of Management, Academy of Management Review (Special Forum), Journal of Trust Research Leadership Quarterly)
  • Professor C. Chet Miller (board member – Academy of Management Journal; Organization Science; Strategic Management Journal)
  • Associate Professor Dusya Vera (board member – The Leadership Quarterly)
  • Professor Steve Werner (board member - Journal of Management, Journal of Management Studies, Journal of Business Research, Human Resource Management Journal, Human Resource Management Review)
  • Professor Alan Witt (board member – The Leadership Quarterly)

Marketing & Entrepreneurship

  • Professor Michael Ahearne (editor – Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management; board member – Journal of Marketing; board member - Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science; Senior Editor for International Journal of Research in Marketing (IJRM), effective July 1, 2015)
  • Professor and Department Chair Edward A. Blair (board member – Journal of Business Research)
  • Professor Steve Brown (associate editor – Journal of Marketing; board member – Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science; co-editor – Journal of Retailing; board member – Journal of Services Research)
  • Professor Betsy Gelb (board member – Journal of Current Issues and Research in Advertising)
  • Professor James Hess (previous board member – Marketing Science; previous associate editor - Marketing Science; previous assistant editor – Journal of Retailing)
  • Associate Professor Ye Hu (previous board member – Marketing Science)
  • Clinical Professor Jacqueline Kacen (board member – Journal of Advertising)
  • Associate Professor Partha Krishnamurthy (board member – Journal of Consumer Psychology)
  • Clinical Professor Joel LeBon (board member – Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management)
  • Professor Vanessa Patrick (board member – Journal of Consumer Research; board member – Journal of Marketing Research; board member – Journal of Marketing; board member – Journal of Consumer Psychology; associate editor – Journal of Retailing)