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Executive Leadership Symposium

March 2, 2018: Join us for a day with industry leaders presenting executive development programs that have made their organizations more agile and adaptive.

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Custom Programs

Our custom programs are designed to meet the needs and objectives of specific companies. The goal of these programs is to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful leaders in their industry. We work with you to define your educational objectives, then find the right faculty — starting with those in the Bauer College's academic departments — to develop and deliver programs that broaden the perspective and strengthen the skills necessary to compete in today's and tomorrow's business markets.

Here is a program developed by Bauer Faculty working closely with Insperity Executives:

Bauer can work with you to develop a program for your organization.

First, we will establish specific learning objectives and identify the levels of the organization leadership that will need to be involved. These leaders will work closely with a Bauer faculty member to identify classes to be developed and faculty to teach those classes.

Second, the faculty responsible for each class will work with the organization’s leadership to develop class content. Class content is reviewed by leadership to ensure that it meets the intended training goals.

Finally, as classes are conducted, feedback is solicited form the participants. This feedback is used in providing follow up instruction and revisions to class content.

Example of a Custom Program for Managers and Executives

Class Title Hours Key Takeaways

Developing Leader Character


This workshop focuses on the element of leadership that has largely been neglected in leadership development: Character. Although character is often thought to be a subjective construct, this workshop argues otherwise.

Fundamentals of Change Management


This workshop focuses on the critical success factors and “must-do steps” to enable your organization to successfully manage change and develop the company environment that fosters strong engagement, visible sponsorship and change process sustainability.

Blue Ocean Strategy


Blue Ocean Strategy takes years of research in dozens of industries and demonstrates how a specific, well-executed strategy can move companies ahead of the competition.

Leading High Performance Teams


Designed for leaders at all levels, this workshop is designed to position you to build, lead and sustain high-performance teams.

Supply Chain Management


Course provides students with key concepts and knowledge that will help them understand the nature of Global Supply Chains. Course material integrates issues from Marketing, Logistics and Operations Management.

Managing Human Resources


This workshop focuses on familiarizing managers with the key human resource management decisions in organizations.

Organizational Problem Solving


A major goal of the class is to build your mental “database” with useful concepts from the field of management, along with improving your problem solving skills. We will analyze real, “live” problems in organizations and applying management concepts to those problems.

Accommodations: Stay at the Hilton University of Houston while taking your Executive Education Classes. Walk across the street to the Bauer College of Business to attend your class and after class take the rail to downtown Houston for food and entertainment, or stay on campus to do some rock climbing at the UH fitness center. All Executive Education classes lasting one or more days include complimentary breakfast and lunch.


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