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Jose Alvarez Martinez
Yue Xing (Amy) Qian
Yuan (Tony) Yao

Jose Alvarez Martinez

Having received an undergraduate degree outside of business, I strongly felt that a master’s degree was key in pursuing a successful career in accounting. While completing the accounting prerequisites in the Certificate in Accountancy Program (CAP), I was exposed to the wonderful professors and career opportunities that C. T. Bauer College of Business has to offer.

The Master of Science in Accountancy (MSACCY) program at C. T. Bauer College of Business offers the professional development and skills needed to succeed and helps students excel during their internships and work toward meeting the academic requirements to sit for the CPA exam upon graduation. Additionally, the MSACCY certificates allow students to specialize in a specific area of accounting. I attribute the success that I have had in my public accounting internship to the courses I have completed on the Assurance/Finance Reporting Certificate track.

I became an MSACCY Ambassador because I want to share my experience with prospective students, especially those who may also be coming from a non-business background. My success in transitioning from a non-business background into accounting, and obtaining an internship, was made possible by the MSACCY program, and it made pursuing a master’s degree an easy choice. Meeting someone that was once in their shoes, who is knowledgeable about the amazing resources and limitless opportunities offered at Bauer College, can definitely help them see why the MSACCY program is the right fit for them.


Yuan (Tony) Yao

After I graduated with my Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from the University of Houston, I decided to take it a step further and pursue the Master of Science in Accountancy (MSACCY) degree. The main reason I chose to continue my education at Bauer is the fantastic faculty. The instructors, who are also experienced practitioners, not only bring their knowledge of the business world into the classroom, but also constantly help students find new opportunities. They have been a tremendous help in my career path. Additionally, Bauer’s Rockwell Career Center provides students with internship and job postings through the online portal. With their help, it is much easier for students to find their dream job. Most importantly, the MSACCY program provides numerous opportunities for networking. After joining Bauer, students have several opportunities to establish connections with Bauer alumni who are well represented in the Houston business community. I really enjoy life at Bauer and I strongly believe the MSACCY program offers the best opportunities for students.


Lorena Cardenas

After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts, I obtained a job in the accounting department of an engineering company. It was not until then that I realized how much I enjoyed working in the accounting field, and decided to pursue a graduate degree in Accounting. I chose the Master of Science in Accountancy (MSACCY) program at University of Houston because it is one of the top universities from which most local companies recruit. Additionally, it is highly recognized and offers a certification in Taxation, which is my top interest.

Coming from a non-accounting background does not put me at disadvantage with other accounting students because professors at Bauer are extremely knowledgeable and strive to ensure students succeed in their courses. Professors not only present the topics in an understandable approach, but they go the extra mile by bringing speakers from top accounting firms, so students get real-life examples of the topics.

Balancing my personal and student life is not easy, especially being a mother of two little boys. However, I am able to take advantage of all the opportunities that Bauer provides because of the flexible scheduling of advising hours and student events. The solid knowledge that I am acquiring in the classroom will help me succeed once I transition into the workforce.


Shannon Huang

Coming from a non-accounting background, I started with the Certificate in Accountancy Program (CAP) at Bauer. While in CAP, I was fascinated by the distinguished professors, various student organizations and networking opportunities available to students. After I completed fundamental accounting courses in CAP, I realized Bauer was the right place for me to pursue a graduate degree in accounting. Bauer’s Master of Science in Accountancy (MSACCY) program offers a quality education and tremendous opportunities along with a flexible course schedule. The flexibility provided by the program has allowed me to manage my full-time job and coursework.

While in the MSACCY program, I have attended resume workshops, mock interviews and recruiting events conducted by the Rockwell Career Center. The events were quite insightful and the training helped me secure a summer internship at one of largest accounting firms. As a result of this internship opportunity, I will be joining the firm as a full-time employee after completing the MSACCY program in December.


Kevin Kimbrough

After I graduated with my Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Accounting from the University of Houston, I decided to continue my education here with the Master of Science in Accountancy (MSACCY) program. This has been one of the best educational decisions I have made due to the incredible opportunities that this university has afforded me. Over these past few semesters in the MSACCY program, I have learned so much from my professors and advisors in the field of accounting. The growth that I have experienced has been phenomenal, and this was the main reason I chose to stay at the University of Houston.

Becoming an MSACCY Ambassador was a decision I made because I want to share the knowledge and experience that I have gained with prospective students. I thoroughly believe that this program provides some of the best opportunities available to individuals who are pursuing a career path in public accounting, industry, or government and Not-for-Profit. There are plenty of advisors at Bauer whom are willing to help with your schedule to ensure that you are successful in your professional life.


Donald Lam

After graduating with my Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Accounting from C.T. Bauer College of Business, I learned the importance of obtaining a Master of Science in Accountancy (MSACCY) and eventually the CPA license. I chose to complete my graduate degree at the C.T. Bauer College of Business because of its limitless job opportunities, incredible professional development and amazing faculty members. One of the great things Bauer has to offer is the Rockwell Career Center, which plays an intricate role in preparing students for interviews and career opportunities.

The flexibility of the MSACCY degree plan caters to each student’s needs. It’s designed to allow students to become experts in the specializations of their interest. Furthermore, the professional development and knowledge gained from the MSACCY program ensures success in the workforce. Whether your goal is to climb the corporate ladder or branch out from accounting, the prestige and recognition from the program will allow you to dictate how your career path unfolds.

I became an MSACCY ambassador because I wanted to be involved and give back. At times, we have tunnel vision and think that the sole purpose of academia is to obtain a job. The MSACCY program offers that and much more. I have gained lifelong friendships and mentorships that I’m thankful for.


Maria Lara

I started interviewing for accounting positions at various institutions after I completed my undergraduate accounting degree in 2017. I quickly learned that obtaining a CPA license and a graduate degree in accounting would help me achieve my personal and career goals.

I researched various programs, and the University of Houston’s Master of Science in Accountancy (MSACCY) program stood out the most. The MSACCY program offers an array of opportunities to shape the way you want to earn your degree. Working full-time at a governmental institution offers a strict schedule, thus going back to school was a bit daunting at first. However, the MSACCY program is very flexible, and the faculty possess the same drive I have which accounts for the success of MSACCY students.


Xiang (Jade) Li

After completing my undergraduate degree in accountancy from a university in Toledo, Ohio, I chose to further advance my accounting knowledge by pursing a Master of Science in Accountancy (MSACCY) at the C.T. Bauer College of Business. In addition to the well-researched educators bringing both accounting theory and practical application into classrooms, the MSACCY program provides students with opportunities to network with industry professionals. Bauer is well-respected in the community and the MSACCY program has an extensive network of alumni in the greater Houston area.

The faculty in the Department of Accountancy & Taxation and the staff in Rockwell Career Center are valuable resources. They have helped tremendously in my personal and professional development. With their help, I obtained an internship in which I can apply my accounting knowledge in a real world setting.


Joselin Lopez

Bauer’s Master of Science in Accountancy (MSACCY) program has helped me prepare for a career in accounting and develop life-long friends. During my time in the program, I have received three scholarship awards, internship opportunities and training in the field via conferences and networking events. As a result of attending the various networking events, I have expanded my professional network and I continue to network with top leaders in the industry.

I worked closely with my advisor to ensure I met the academic requirements for CPA eligibility as soon as possible. As a result, I have already started taking the CPA exam and plan to finish all four parts before I graduate in Spring 2019. Additionally, I customized my MSACCY degree so that I will obtain the IT Systems Risk Management certificate.

I am a proud MSACCY student, and I am truly thankful for the countless benefits I have received through the program.


Joycelyn Miles

I decided to pursue my Master of Science in Accountancy (MSACCY) degree at the C.T. Bauer College of Business, University of Houston because I wanted to obtain the Assurance/Finance Reporting Certificate. With this certificate, I have gained a stronger understanding of financial reporting, audit practices and important critical skills needed for the accounting profession. Bauer’s accounting faculty have extensive experience in the real world and have helped me build a solid accounting foundation.

While attending University of Houston, I have been exposed to vast networking opportunities with students, faculty and business professionals alike, allowing me to build my network while becoming more culturally aware. Bauer’s location, in the heart of the city, has provided me with great internship opportunities in both public accounting and industry. I was well prepared for these opportunities, as the problem solving and communication skills I have gained in the program are relevant and directly transferable to the working world.


Yue Xing (Amy) Qian

I graduated in 2014 with a master’s degree in engineering and worked as an engineer for nearly 2 years. My circumstances at that time didn’t stop me from switching to business school and pursuing my passion for business.

Being the hub of the world’s energy industry, Houston offers various opportunities either in oil and gas companies, service companies or supporting industries such as accounting firms, where I can better leverage my engineering background and previous working experience.

Once I decided to further my career in Houston, selecting the Master of Science in Accountancy (MSACCY) program at C.T. Bauer College of Business was not a hard choice to make. Diversity, location, a wide range of course offerings, knowledgeable and amiable professors and helpful staff have bestowed Bauer a unique charm. Speaking from my own experience, helping students to succeed in their lives and careers is always at the forefront of Bauer’s professors’ and staff members’ minds. Bauer not only offers cutting-edge courses, such as data analytics, but it also builds tight and intricate connections with Houston area businesses and professionals. These connections assists MSACCY students in gaining exposure to all the various companies and help us prepare for the transition from graduate school to work force as seamlessly as possible.

Thanks to the MSACCY program, I will be interning in Risk Advisory with one of the world’s largest accounting firms in the summer of 2019.


Taha Razzak

Being a number one school in the energy capital of the world, University of Houston was an obvious choice to pursue the Master of Science in Accountancy (MSACCY) program from the C.T. Bauer College of Business. The MSACCY program can be tailored to your interest and career objectives under the supervision of world class faculty members and mentors. Classes are unique in the sense that they extend beyond the scope of a textbook through real world application, interactive sessions and a focus on critical thinking. Coming from a non-accounting undergraduate background, the Certificate in Accountancy Program (CAP) was particularly helpful with fulfillment of educational prerequisites that helped in preparing me for a successful transition into the MSACCY program.

Involvement with student organizations on campus was very helpful to grow my professional network, give back to the community and develop soft skills. Bauer has a highly dedicated career services center for business students that has helped me secure multiple internships through the program. Accommodating class schedules, friendly peers and dedicated staff members have made attending UH as a Bauer MSACCY student one of the best experiences of my life.


Olga (Olia) Simon

Originally from Moldova, I have always viewed Houston as a city of growth, cultural transformation and endless opportunities. Based on my positive experience as an undergraduate student at University of Houston, I decided to pursue the Master of Science in Accountancy (MSACCY) program here as well. This program is unique as it not only offers a variety of classes and specializations, but it also ensures students’ exposure to numerous employers from public accounting firms and different industry companies. Most of the professors teaching this program are still active professionals, who share with students their professional insights and are always ready to give career advice. The hours offered within the program are very flexible. Therefore, students have the opportunity to stay on top of their classes while interning or working full-time.

I decided to become a MSACCY Ambassador in order to help students adapt to University of Houston’s culture and share my experience of balancing school, work and personal life.


Haixin (Abigail) Yu

After researching various graduate programs in accounting, I decided that Bauer’s Master of Science in Accountancy (MSACCY) program was the best fit for my needs. One of the main reasons why I chose to attend the MSACCY program is because I wanted to be in a program that could help strengthen my academic and professional expertise.

The MSACCY program is designed to help students meet the academic requirements for the CPA examination and is customizable depending on the student’s background and area of interest. Students have the opportunity to develop specialized skills in more than one of the five certificate tracks. The MSACCY program is also at the forefront of the data analytics trend. I’ve had the opportunity to take both data analytics courses specifically developed for MSACCY students. Additionally, the program is establishing a data analytics certificate track that will be available in 2019.

As an ambassador in my last semester, I welcomed the opportunity to give back to the program. I enjoy meeting with prospective students and sharing the extraordinary experiences I’ve had on this journey. I hope I can help them find more opportunities in the MSACCY program and motivate them to achieve their own success at Bauer.


Arlene Dorronsoro

Working in the Oil & Gas industry has shown me there are necessary skills required to succeed in a professional environment. When deciding to further my career by pursuing a master’s in accountancy, choosing the school was not taken lightly. I wanted to attend a university that would not only help me become a strong accountant, but also provide me the tools required to become a successful professional. The Master of Science in Accountancy (MSACCY) program has not only expanded my knowledge of accounting, but has also helped me develop my networking skills. The MSACCY has allowed me to become a well-rounded person in accounting by helping me learn from highly experienced professors from various accounting backgrounds. In addition to having an outstanding faculty and staff, the MSACCY program provides the student with an opportunity to specialize in a specific area. I was very excited to learn that a unique specialization offered is the Oil & Gas certificate. Specializing in this area has increased my knowledge in oil and gas taxation, as well as regulatory requirements.

As an ambassador, I like to meet prospective students and enjoy sharing my experience with them in hope that they too see the tremendous value the MSACCY program can bring to their career. Joining the program has been one of the best decisions I have made. I am grateful that the Bauer College of Business provided me the opportunity to join the MSACCY program. I believe education itself is a desired necessity that most strive to attain and my journey towards higher education is close to being fulfilled, thanks to the MSACCY program!


Phillip Arvanetakis

My path into accounting began shortly after I joined Bauer for my undergraduate studies. I quickly learned it is a profession with great job opportunities and a strong foundation for business-related field.

I was, and still am, impressed by what the program and its faculty and staff have done for me. I learned more about the accounting profession than I imagined I would. I met many professionals at a variety of networking events, and I seized the opportunities available to me.

I chose to be an MSACCY Ambassador to give back to the program that has helped me. I want to share my experiences with students to help them learn from my successes, failures, and findings.

Bauer has helped me refine my technical, communication, and leadership skills, but it has also provided me with a family, and that is what makes Bauer awesome.


Bobby Wright

After graduating in 2010 with a bachelor’s degree in International Business, I was able to work in various industries, but did not have a clear career path. After researching various MBA and other master’s degree programs, I quickly discovered that becoming a CPA aligned with not only my personal goals, but my career goals as well.

What drew me to University of Houston, and Bauer specifically, was the impressive network of alumni and the dedicated career services department. After meeting several alumni, I realized the network spreads far beyond the Houston area, which would help guide and assist me in the future. Bauer’s Rockwell Career Center is one of a kind, and has gone well beyond what I could ask for in regards to resume building, interview tactics, and overall career preparedness.

Since beginning my MSACCY journey, I have received excellent instruction from well-researched educators, lectures from seasoned professionals in both accounting theory and practical application, as well as real world experience by interning at a public accounting firm. If you are like me and have a few years of experience, or you are a recent college graduate, the Bauer MSACCY program is an excellent resource to propel students to become professional accountants.


Elisabeth Ramsey

I chose to pursue a Master of Science in Accountancy (MSACCY) degree at the University of Houston because the program has the #1 accounting faculty in Houston and Bauer College is well-respected in the community.

One of my favorite aspects of the program are the specialized electives. For example, Fraud Exam is one of my favorite classes I’ve taken while in the program. The MSACCY program also helped me connect with fellow classmates by hosting social events throughout the semester.

I am slated to graduate in Summer 2018 and will begin employment with one of the Big 4 firms in January of 2019.


Ian Shol

In choosing an educational program to set the foundation for my next career, I sought a program that was not only well-regarded in terms of academic rigor, but also had close connections and relationships with Houston area businesses and professionals. The University of Houston’s Master of Science in Accountancy (MSACCY) program offered exactly what I was looking for.

I chose to pursue the Assurance and Finance Reporting certification within the degree program because it offers candidates a well-rounded experience in researching nuanced accounting topics and issues and applying thorough quantitative analysis to address problems that are encountered in professional practice. In addition, the program is on the forefront of offering Data Science and Accounting integrated course offerings which incorporate statistical analysis using R, SQL, and the Microsoft Azure Machine Learning platform. The University employs admirably passionate and inspirational faculty members that have helped tremendously in my personal and professional development.

Thanks to the UH MSACCY program I will begin performing auditing services for one of the world’s largest professional services firms this coming fall.


Fatima Jiwani

Being in the heart of Houston, the University of Houston and specifically Bauer College of Business has provided unlimited opportunities to me. After finishing my undergraduate degree here, I didn’t think twice before applying into the MS Accountancy program. I have been inspired by the outstanding faculty and a diverse group of students. Bauer’s central Houston location has enabled me to experience 4 different internships with some of the best accounting firms and fortune 500 companies in Houston, all while going to school. Not many other schools can provide that to its students. The student organizations, such as Beta Alpha Psi, are also an integral part of transforming students into professionals. Overall, the experiences gained and the friendships made here are essentially responsible for my success not only as a professional but also as an individual.


Joe Edens

I’m from a small East Texas town called Palestine. This town is where I developed my work ethic, my confidence, and the inspiration to aim for the stars. It’s where my support system shines brightest and I am forever grateful. Due to the work that I was able to do at Palestine High School I will have earned my Master of Science in Accountancy (MSACCY) degree at the age of 21 this December.

I joined Bauer shortly after completing my undergraduate degree at another Texas university. After only a few weeks in Bauer I began to see the connection, the diversity, and the many amazing opportunities within the program. The culture and faculty student relationships were refreshing, and the range of expertise in the college of business strengthened the program even more. The students had a real personal connection with their professors. There I found a healthy mix of both challenges and rewards for those who sought them.

I chose to become a MSACCY Ambassador to inspire students of all backgrounds by lifting others as they climb to new heights. My failures add value to my successes, and by sharing them both I add value to myself and my journey. This to me is what being an ambassador is all about.

Bauer is prestigious and filled with opportunity, it is located within the heart of the fourth largest city in our country, but more than those wonderful things, Bauer is home.


Jose Padron

As a first-generation college graduate, I’ve developed a keen disposition for hard work and commitment. I received my BBA in Accounting from a respectable institution but, in looking to continue my academic career, I was fully aware of the professional benefits that would accrue from completing a nationally-ranked graduate program with world-class faculty. For this reason, transferring to the C.T. Bauer College of Business in pursuit of the Master of Science in Accountancy (MSACCY) program was a foregone conclusion.

Since being here, the MSACCY program has not only refined my accounting knowledge, but has also strengthened my overall business acumen. The program excels at honing its students’ technical and interpersonal skills while providing the requisite exposure to some of the world’s leading organizations. Thanks to Bauer’s national recognition and the MSACCY’s consummate education, I received several employment opportunities and will be starting my career with a top Oil & Gas firm immediately after graduation.

Perhaps most impressive, though, is the program’s administration. I was truly impressed by the genuine care and attention that the MSACCY advisors express for their students. The MSACCY professors offer dynamic learning environments and are highly committed to their students’ success, both academically and professionally. Here at Bauer, you’ll find that hard work is both fostered and rewarded. Go Coogs!


Hongfeng Li

Before joining the MSACCY program here at Bauer, I passed the ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants)—which is the IFRS framework equivalent of the CPA exam. That being said, I have to say that some of the courses offered in the Bauer MSACCY program have led me to new professional and practical heights. One of the most challenging courses I’ve ever taken was part of my MSACCY career here at UH. Looking back, I’ve realized they all empowered me in one way or another. Not to mention that there are so many amazing faculty and students around with whom I have had great interactions with—both in and outside of class. Many of them have become very good friends of mine while others acted as mentors.

Additionally, Bauer offers various on-campus job options which provide students with the opportunity to work closely with faculty. Being an instructional assistant is definitely one of the highlights of my time in Bauer. Not only because it allows me to view the coursework from both the professors’ and students’ perspectives but also because it greatly improves my communication and interpersonal skills which are equally important, if not more, than our accounting knowledge.


Yanan Wang Liu

C. T. Bauer College of Business was my dream school since I was a junior in high school. The first school trip I took to University of Houston, I knew this was the place I wanted to pursue my higher education. After I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in accountancy last May, I decided to continue my MS Accountancy career at C. T. Bauer College of Business, because I knew my future would be in good hands.

The professors at C. T. Bauer College of Business go beyond the call of duty to help students academically and professionally. They are both resourceful and knowledgeable. I not only sought help academically, but I also took their advice on the accounting career path. Not only do the professors provide tremendous assistance, but my academic advisors also play important roles in my college life. They sat down with me every semester to discuss my degree plan and class schedule. Without them, I wouldn’t have properly balanced my life and school well enough to graduate on time.

The Rockwell Career Center helped when I was looking for an internship. My career advisor revised my resume and offered mock interviews to prepare me for the real world recruiting events. Additionally, participation in Beta Alpha Psi and the Accounting Society offered me opportunities for fellowship, leadership, recreation, and meaningful interaction with faculty, staff, and peers. While pursuing my MS Accountancy degree, I managed to maintain a well-balanced life and juggle academics, volunteer opportunities, and professional events.

The MS Accountancy program at the C.T. Bauer College of Business was the best choice I made. Go Coogs!


Matthew Mathisen

Coming from Fort Worth, people usually ask me why I chose Houston. For me, it has always been about what Houston has to offer. I have always been a huge sports fan and Houston is the perfect place for any sports fan. The football, baseball and basketball teams for both professional and collegiate sports are always in contention for titles so it is always a thrill to go to those games. I also chose Houston because of the professional career opportunities that Houston has to offer. Houston is home to many Fortune 500 companies and also has plenty of mid-size and small companies that are always in need of qualified accountants which University of Houston is able to provide. With all of these different companies in need for qualified accountants, the University of Houston was able to provide me with plenty of opportunities to interview with these companies, which made choosing Houston the easy choice for me.


Michael Andrada

Having been born and raised in Houston, attending the University of Houston for my undergraduate and graduate degree was a no brainer. I started my college career as a music major, but I quickly transitioned into the C.T. Bauer College of Business and I haven’t looked back since. This University has done an impeccable job ensuring student’s success entering the work force by having resources available such as Rockwell Career Center, building an intricate alumni network, and preparing students for the “real world.” The MSACCY program does well to enhance the values portrayed by the University as a whole.

The MSACCY curriculum ensures student success by offering a wide range of different classes and specializations in order to make the transition from graduate school to the working world as seamless as possible. While interning, I was able to rely on the information I learned at the C.T. Bauer College of Business. The advising team and the faculty also share insight on the CPA exam, certifications that would be useful in our full-time careers, and advice on how to succeed in general life. I am a former President of the Gamma Delta chapter of Beta Alpha Psi and I am starting full-time as a tax associate at a Big Four accounting firm shortly after graduation. I continue to stay involved in the college with the mindset that I want my peers to enter the working world as young professionals that excel at soft skills, professionalism, and at life overall.


Nhung (Sarah) Nguyen

Three years ago, I came to Bauer as a transfer undergraduate student and found myself lacking confidence. I am very grateful to Bauer College of Business for making me who I am today. As a result of my experiences at Bauer, I am now self-confident, have the courage and endurance to go for whatever goals I wish to achieve, and I have faith that I will continue to grow. Bauer distinguishes itself from other business colleges by offering unique experiences and perceptions. The diversity at Bauer has offered me the opportunity to get to know fellow students from different countries, cultures, and regions. These experiences have prepared me for the real world by providing a better view and understanding of various backgrounds.

The Master of Science in Accountancy (MSACCY) program and their amazing team, consisting of great professors, academic advisors, and career advisors, provide students with various incredible opportunities. These opportunities include working with companies and local businesses on class projects, networking, assistance with editing resumes, mock interviews, and help in the search for internships or full-time employment. The excellent academic program has developed my technical skills, and the networking opportunities have improved my soft skills. Ultimately, the program is helping me prepare for a career with a Big Four accounting firm post-graduation.

I would say pursuing my undergraduate and graduate degree here has been one of the best decisions I have made. Bauer is literally Where Awesome Happens.


Neil Zamora

Of all the universities in Texas, I was drawn to the University of Houston (UH) for one reason: UH is the powerhouse of Texas. Houston is the land of opportunity – jobs are plentiful and culture is abundant. At Bauer, I have the opportunity to further develop my accounting skills. I am learning from world class professors at a Tier-One university. Some professors have been partners at Big Four accounting firms while others have earned doctorate degrees from an Ivy League institution. No matter the background, all professors have a sincere desire for their students to learn.

I am currently pursuing the Assurance and Finance Reporting certificate track. While I have a future offer in a tax position, I am taking this opportunity to expand my knowledge through a different track. I believe the education I am receiving will make me a more-rounded employee when I enter the workforce.

I wanted to become a MSACCY ambassador to help facilitate the education journey for others. I strongly feel that attending the University of Houston will create new opportunities for me down the road. I have been challenged academically and motivated to be my best. The C.T. Bauer College of Business is known not just in Houston but all over, and I am proud to be a student at this college.

Go Coogs.


Leeza Pavlyshyna

Having a solid technical knowledge of accounting principles makes a good accountant. To be a great accountant, people need to possess the ability to interpret the business implications of these principles and effectively communicate them to their clients. My goal for pursuing the Master of Science in Accountancy was to further develop my technical skills while mastering soft skills, such as networking and public speaking. By perfecting these soft skills and gaining technical expertise, I can pursue my ultimate goal: a successful career in Advisory.

When I first came to Bauer, I was amazed by the quality of the school’s professors. Not only do professors educate students academically, but they also guide students to become ethical and professional future leaders. I was also astounded by the extraordinary opportunities that Bauer provides students for networking with professionals. It has been an enormous privilege to meet individuals such as Sam Antar, former CFO of Crazy Eddie; Cathy Douglas, CAO of Anadarko Petroleum; and Greg Garland, CEO of Phillips 66. Through the Internal Audit Student Association, I have enjoyed attending IIA luncheons at the Petroleum Club Downtown while also attending multitudes of office visits with firms through Beta Alpha Psi.

To succeed in today’s complex markets, companies need advisors who are not only well spoken, reliable, and ethical, but those who possess the technical expertise to help them reach their full potential. A master’s degree from Bauer College of Business is allowing me to gain a deeper understanding of all aspects of accounting. At the graduate level, I am pursing the Assurance/Financial Reporting Certificate and the Oil and Gas Certificate.

The decision to pursue a Master of Science of Accountancy degree from C.T. Bauer College of Business has forever changed my life.


Mrunalini Somasundaram Ramalingam

I never believed I would go back to school after obtaining my chartered accountancy (in India). Choosing to go to the C.T. Bauer College of Business for my master’s degree has been one of the best decisions of my life.

Bauer professors believe in making learning enjoyable. Some professors are former executive level accounting professionals who share their experiences, and these teachings cannot be found in any text book.

Through its diverse student population, engaging professors, exceptional career building programs, supportive staff, and excellent networking opportunities, Bauer provides a gateway to a successful global career.

Bauer is the first step of my global accounting career.


Ziyang Ren

I worked in the international business field for a few years after I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in economics. Upon moving to Houston, I decided to better myself by pursuing a MS Accountancy degree because I had great interest in accounting. My research indicated that the Master of Science in Accountancy (MSACCY) program at Bauer would fit me best. Its systematic courses and trainings prepare students for the CPA exam and Rockwell Career Center provides a great variety of career resources and job searching services. Meanwhile, the MSACCY program enables me to take good care of my family while pursuing my degree because it offers most of its courses in the evenings.

During the past two semesters, I’ve had several opportunities to meet with numerous recruiters through opportunities provided by the Rockwell Career Center and the Department of Accountancy & Taxation. In addition to these recruitment events, students also interact with guest speakers from different industries and firms in class.

As a result of joining the MSACCY program, I’ve had some wonderful experiences and I really enjoy campus life.


Noha Sahnoune

I chose Bauer for my undergraduate and graduate degree for one reason — the opportunity to attend one of the most diverse business schools in the nation that focuses on leadership, development, and growth of its students in every arena.

Bauer is unique, not only because of the rigor of coursework or high standards and expectations, but because of the community of students, professors, and alumni. Professors at Bauer are some of the finest in their respective industries, so every lesson throughout classes is supported by real-life experiences in the corporate world. Students are from virtually every corner of the globe, and a growing alumni base provides immense opportunities for mentorship, internships, and networking. The Masters of Accountancy Program is a testament to that.

Bauer is the place to be for a solid degree in business that competes against many other schools in the nation, with a number of Fortune 500s minutes away from campus. I wouldn't trade my experiences in Bauer for anything else, and as my journey continues, I look forward to giving back to the school that gave so much to me.


Sakinah Bello

I began my undergraduate career at the University of Houston in 2013 and was immediately drawn to the Bauer College of Business. The faculty in the Department of Accountancy & Taxation and the staff at the Rockwell Career Center were strong motivators in choosing accounting as a career.

Being in the Professional Program in Accountancy (PPA) program at Bauer allowed me to complete my BBA in Accounting while gaining an internship position in public accounting, which was an incredibly rewarding experience. I'm looking at completing my Master of Science in Accountancy (MSACCY) degree in one year, something I could only have achieved by staying at Bauer College. The faculty here is comprised of professors from many different professional backgrounds, who bring real-world experience into the classroom.

I currently hold a student worker position on campus, and while working and going to school at the same time can be tough, there is a wonderful student network in the MSACCY program that is supportive and helpful.


Siyan Liu

After relocating from Toronto, Canada to Texas, I found that Bauer was the best place to expand my accounting knowledge and restart my career in tax. The Master of Science in Accountancy (MSACCY) program is staffed by top-notch faculty and staff members who truly care about their students’ personal growth. Additionally, Bauer provides its own career services, which not only help business students find jobs, but equips them with other necessary interpersonal skills.

Now, as a second-year taxation track student and an active member of Beta Alpha Psi, the MSACCY program is helping me expand my education horizon, new connections, and discover my own potential. The program provides me with the opportunity to pursue my area of interest by offering a variety of tax elective courses, and improves my ability to become a well-rounded tax practitioner. I am constantly inspired by the intelligence, motivation, and kindness of the people who I meet every day. As an MSACCY ambassador, I hope I can share my positive experience with prospective students, help them feel comfortable about their transition into graduate school and encourage them to realize their own potential through what Bauer has to offer.


Jennifer Wang

I have been a part of the Bauer family since Fall 2010, and I cannot believe how much I've grown since I started at Bauer. After completing my bachelor's in 2014, I continued on to study MSACCY at Bauer as part of the Professional Program in Accountancy (PPA). During my time here, I have participated in multiple prestigious business competitions, served as an officer in two Bauer organizations (Beta Alpha Psi and Bauer Ambassadors), and completed internships with three wonderful companies, all resulting in full time offers.

Whenever you reflect on your life, I am sure that there is always one decision that has affected your life more than others. For me, the decision that has stimulated my growth over the years is choosing to attend Bauer. Each day, I am even more certain that it was the wisest decision I have ever made because of the intelligent students and faculty that surround me, the way we celebrate each other’s success, the atmosphere that fosters growth and inspires us to be better versions of ourselves, and lastly, for the bountiful resources that transition students to the university setting and prepare students for careers after college.


Yanshu (Jenny) Fei

After 4 years of experience as a flight attendant, I had explored more than 50 countries around the world. When I visited Houston, I liked this young and international city and realized it could be a great place to settle down and start a new chapter in my life. Though I did not have much of an accounting background, my friends recommended the MSACCY program due to career path opportunities after graduation. Fortunately, my passion and past experience convinced the committee to offer me a chance to be a cougar.

The beginning was a little tough, due to lack of experience and having been out of school for so long. However, MSACCY provided a systematic selection of basic courses to help me catch up quickly. I was also active in nearly every department and Beta Alpha Phi event, because I know networking is very important for my job search. As an ambassador, I like to meet new students who also come from different backgrounds and hope that my shared experience can help them.


Thanh (Michele) Tran

As an international student, I have had an amazing journey at the C.T. Bauer College of Business. I’ve gained knowledge and experiences that will be invaluable once I begin the next chapter of my life as a professional accountant. The Master of Science in Accountancy (MSACCY) program equipped me with solid accounting skills and has provided me with multiple job opportunities. Thanks to the various resources and the support from the MSACCY Program, I was fortunate enough to be offered a full time job with one of the Big Four firms and will start my career immediately after graduation.

I was inspired and encouraged every day by the dedicated professors at Bauer. Their devotion to the students is truly admirable. I will always appreciate and treasure the mentorships and valuable advices from all of my professors.

Looking back, there is no doubt that enrolling in Bauer’s MSACCY program was the best decision I have made for both my education and my future career. I’m very proud to be a Cougar and a student in MSACCY program.


Huyen Trinh

Transferring to C. T. Bauer College of Business is the best decision that I have ever made. At Bauer I am able to enrich my knowledge through world-class education. In particular, professors in Department of Accountancy and Taxation have significant insight and experience to real-world applications of accounting concepts that they always bring to the classrooms. I have been inspired and taught much more beyond the textbooks. Moreover, Bauer offers many scholarships, so I can focus on my studies and development of soft skills without worrying about financial issues.

The moment I first stepped in Bauer, like any other students I was embraced by the dynamic environment and was also strongly encouraged by the statement from faculties and staffs: “We are here to help you to get the job.” Indeed, Bauer provides all resources necessary for me to figure out my passion and land my dream job. I have received great help from my advisor at Rockwell Career Services who prepares me thoroughly to impress employers, and my academic advisors who arrange a perfect class schedule to fit my goals. Being an active member in Beta Alpha Psi has expanded my professional network and allowed me to explore what I can do with my accounting major.

I want to pursue a career in tax because I love assisting people in abiding by complex tax codes while saving their tax money. I believe that the MSACCY and the Taxation Certificate along with plenty of opportunities to learn and grow at Bauer will well equip me for my future success as a tax advisor.


Justin Wright

I received my BBA in Accounting prior to joining the Master of Science in Accountancy (MSACCY) program. Faced with the challenge of pursuing my Master’s degree while simultaneously working a full time job, I was looking for a program that would provide rigorous coursework and world class professors with a flexible schedule. The MSACCY program at the C.T. Bauer College of Business definitely fits the bill.

The MSACCY program has increased my overall knowledge of Accounting and has greatly expanded my understanding of business. The key differentiator of the Bauer MSACCY program is the emphasis on “soft skills”, emotional intelligence, and the ability to communicate which come together to ultimately determine the success of a businessperson. Moreover, I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the amount of new and applicable information acquired through my studies.

The MSACCY program continually pairs meaningful learning experiences with real world applications. The program not only connects you with professors, who are leading experts in their respective fields, but also cultivates a community among fellow students, the experts and business leaders of the future. Bauer’s MSACCY program is the clear choice for anyone aspiring to become a professional accountant.


Huachun (Cindy) Yang

After working as a project manager in Shanghai for eight years, I decided to come to the University of Houston (UH) as an MS Accountancy (MSACCY) student in 2016. I chose UH because of the diversity in the city but also on campus. Studying abroad was initially a challenge because I hadn’t been in a classroom setting in over 5 years and English is not my native language. However, Bauer proved to be an awesome place to start my graduate career.

Bauer provides a welcoming environment for students who want to excel academically. A large number of the faculty and lecturers come from prestigious organizations in the accounting and finance industries. They not only teach students accounting knowledge but also share their experience and encourage students to network with professionals.

In addition to my coursework, last year I held two part-time jobs and was also actively involved in two accounting student organizations. Now, I am an officer in Beta Alpha Psi. Additionally, I attend the MSACCY social events offered each semester. Social activities, student organizations, and my studies have expanded my accounting knowledge and sharpened communication skills.

I am proud to be a UH Cougar and an MSACCY student!


Yu Yang

Bauer has been a big part of my life. I joined the Master of Science in Accountancy (MSACCY) program two years ago. The MSACCY program has helped me achieve academic excellence and professional growth and made me a person with better insights and self-confidence.


I am receiving an outstanding education by being a part of the MSACCY program. That is one of the reasons I chose to complete my degree at Bauer College. The accounting faculty has distinguished academic backgrounds and takes an innovative approach to teaching. I’ve enjoyed each class and learned numerous things that I wouldn’t have learned from another program.

I am constantly inspired by the intelligent, motivated, and diverse group of students within the program. Bauer is one of the most diverse business schools in the United States. Being able to interact with people from different backgrounds has enabled me to develop a better understanding of international considerations.

I am grateful for all the opportunities Bauer’s MSACCY program has provided for me and enjoy sharing my experiences with new and prospective students.


Sixiang (April) You

I am pursuing a Master’s in Accountancy at the C.T. Bauer College of Business, University of Houston. I was previously a veterinary major and decided to switch my career to Accounting. While deciding where to study, I did a lot of research and found that I always heard great things about Bauer College from University of Houston alumni.

The professors in our college are equipped with a vast knowledge of accounting. Additionally, they have significant experience in industry, which better equips them to teach us how to apply accounting knowledge from the classroom to the real world.

The University of Houston is located in the center of Houston—the 4th largest city in the U.S. This location gives Bauer students excellent opportunities to establish good working relationships with industry professionals. Students in Bauer get many opportunities to be involved in potential employer’s events such as office visits, family events, career fairs, etc. More than90% of students have used campus resources to find their ultimate dream job.

After one year in the MS Accountancy program, I have decided to become an ambassador because I want to spread the good news about our college and encourage more students to join our family.


Yuyang Sun

My journey with the UH Master of Science in Accountancy (MSACCY) program started 2 years ago. Shortly after I graduated with my BBA in Finance, I decided to pursue my Masters in Accountancy. I chose C.T. Bauer College of Business not only because of its prestige, but also because of the positive experiences I had while completing undergraduate education here.

The MSACCY degree plan is structured differently depending on each student’s needs and their desired specialty track. The faculty members are very helpful and assist students with any questions they have about the material. Additionally, there are many leadership development and networking opportunities offered through the department, college and student organizations.

I became an MSACCY ambassador because I want to give back and help peers learn about the opportunities that I have received from the program. I want to help others take advantage of the opportunities the MSACCY program provides and become successful future accountants.


Yu (Alice) Zhang

My decision to join Bauer's Master of Science in Accountancy (MSACCY) program derived from my experience at the MSACCY Information Session in Fall 2015. I still remember the remarks MSACCY ambassadors shared about their wonderful studying life in Bauer’s MSACCY program with us. The ambassadors mentioned that they not only learned solid accounting knowledge, but also gained necessary business soft skills from the program — skills which prepare them well for potential employment. The most attractive part of the program for me is that it provides specific accounting tracks for students to focus on, such as taxation, assurance/financial reporting, etc.

Thankfully, I was accepted into the program for the Spring 2016 term. My usual campus routine at Bauer goes something like this: in the morning, I prepare for my evening class at the private studying room, reserved exclusively for Bauer graduate students; in the afternoon, I attend activities hosted by Bauer student organizations or career events hosted by Bauer’s MSACCY program; then, after a quick dinner, I go to class. I am truly enjoying my time at Bauer!


Zhixiang (Pauline) Zhu

Coming from a non-accounting background, I spent a year in the Certificate in Accountancy Program (CAP), where I fell in love with tax. Currently, I am a second year Master of Science in Accountancy (MSACCY) student pursuing a taxation certificate. With my passion for tax, I see opportunities, beyond black-and-white code sections, to help my clients save real money through creative and flexible tax structures. University of Houston (UH) is the perfect place to start a career in tax as the MSACCY program is staffed with awesome faculty members. I was able to explore different specialty areas in tax with national academic leaders, big four partners, and industry experts, who have shared their valuable experience with me, inspired me intellectually, helped me build my own network, and genuinely cared about my growth and success. I completed a tax internship with a Big 4 firm during summer of 2016 and I will join the firm as a full time associate after graduation in May 2017. Choosing the MSACCY program opened a door to a world full of challenges, opportunities, resources, and promises. I am proud of my accomplishments, none of which would have been possible had I not made this choice.