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Featured Cases
Strategy at the Crossroads – A Tale of Two Towers

A Case Study Workshop in Contemporary Strategy Formation
By Stephen V. Arbogast and Chris Ross, Executive Professors

This case study is designed to encourage debate on the relative importance of financial engineering of an opportunity portfolio to maximize its potential value, compared to leveraging an existing set of capabilities to create value.
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Flagler Expro Argentina
Requests New Capital

A Case Study in Parent vs. Affiliate Project Economics in a Risky Location
By Stephen V. Arbogast

Economics for international energy projects differ from those developed for home country projects. For one thing, international projects ...
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Kemica’s Ethane Conversion Project

A Case Study in Petrochemical Joint Venture Investment within a Divestment Scenario
By Stephen V. Arbogast

Smaller, aging petrochemical operations often become “defensive,” meaning they become competitively challenged by larger plants. This can make it difficult...
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Kemica’s Foreign Exchange
(FX) Hedge Strategy

A Case Study in FX/Commodity Price Hedging of a Petrochemical Joint Venture
By Stephen V. Arbogast

Financial theory has struggled for years to provide clear guidance on foreign exchange hedging. Much uncertainty derives from the fact ...
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Palm Springs Petroleum
(PSP) Negotiating Game

A Case Study in Valuation & Negotiation for Unconventional Onshore Oil Reserves
By Christopher Ross

Proven oil reserves and growing production are critical factors in oil company valuation. Faced with existing field ...
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Featured Research

Over the past few years, students of the C. T. Bauer College of Business have undertaken a series of research projects to understand how companies in different energy industry sectors have created shareholder value in the past and the strategic lessons that can be learned from their successes and failures. Reports can be accessed for the following sectors:

Independent E&Ps low oil price update - July 2016

Clean Power Plan: Symposium and Workshop - March 2016

IOC and NOC low oil price update - January 2016

Value Creation by Power Sector Companies - September 2015

Midstream MLPs - May 2015

Oilfield Services - October 2014

Independent Refiners - January 2014

Independent Oil & Gas Companies - October 2013

National Oil Companies - January 2013

Super- Majors - October 2012




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