Certificate in Technology Commercialization (2.7 CEU)

Offered online in a self-paced format

The Certificate in Technology Commercialization is a four-course program with approximately 12 contact hours per course and worth 4 CE units. The courses are offered entirely online in a self-paced format using voice-over power point lectures, discussion threads, videos and other online components.

Each course is delivered using the Coursesites Learning Management System (LMS). Once participants register for the course, they will receive an “Invitation to enroll” from the Bauer EE Coursesite shell. They then register with a user name and password, and will be taken to the LMS and the home page of the first course. Each course is worth 1 CE unit.

The courses build on each other, and therefore must be taken in order. Once a participant completes a particular course, they can register for the next course in the program. After registering for the next course, they will receive another “Invitation to enroll” and can use the same user name/password combination.

Because each course is delivered online, each course can be started individually. Participants proceed at their own pace through the lectures, with each lecture being made available at the completion of the previous one. Upon completion of all of the lectures and assignments, the assessment will be made available. Participants may start each course once they have completed the registration process and received the “Invitation to the course” email.

Tuition for each course in the program is $995.

Earn your certificate in Technology Commercialization by completing the following 4 courses (worth 1 CE unit each) in order:


"An excellent course. I highly recommend to every consultant who works with technology businesses."
- J. Richard "Dick" Johnson, Directory of Technology, Texas State University SBDC

"Great course! I will use it, and I recommend it. "
- Dr. William Carter, State Director, Oklahoma Small Business Development Center

"I enjoyed this course. The examples given to illustrate the concepts and implications very much added to the value of the course."
- Joseph Burns, Oahu Center Director, Hawaii State SBDC Network

"The material was intuitively presented, very complete and very useful. This will be tremendously helpful as we work with technology clients."
- Sharon King, Executive Director, Boulder (Colorado) SBDC

At the completion of each of the four individual courses, participants may take an optional assessment evaluating their assimilation of the materials in the course. Upon completing all four courses of the program and passing the four individual assessments participants will be granted a Certificate in Technology Commercialization from the Bauer College of Business.

Assessments are conducted online upon the completion of each course. Participants must pass each of the four courses to gain the certificate. Participants are allowed up to three attempts at passing each assessment. A grade of 70% is passing.

Dr. Alan D. Lish is a Clinical Professor in the Department of Marketing & Entrepreneurship of the Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston. He teaches technology commercialization, new product development and corporate innovation and entrepreneurship, along with marketing and entrepreneurship. His areas of research are in business incubator effectiveness, new product development, and entrepreneurial intent.

Dr. Lish has a Master’s of Science degree in Technology Commercialization from the University of Texas at Austin, and a Doctorate in Business Administration/marketing from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale/Davie, FL. He has been an entrepreneur all his life, and has started and run businesses in computer hardware, computer software, and Internet marketing services. He has experienced all aspects of technology commercialization, from technology assessments to startups to liquidity events and venture sales.


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