Management Certificate in Business Excellence

Earn your Management Certificate in Business Excellence by completing 18 days (18 Business Excellence Credits or BECs) of classes over four years.


Management Certificate in Business Excellence Plan:

The following classes would fulfill the requirements for a Management Certificate in Business Excellence: Nine days (BECs) of core classes arerequired and the remaining nine days (BECs) may be chosen from any of the elective classes.


Core Courses

9 BECs

Analytics for Decision Making and Problem Solving:
This course presents an overview as well as practical guidelines for applying analytics and data to complex business decisions as they arise.

2 BECs

Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers:
Covers the basic concepts of financial accounting and management that are essential for the efficient operation of any business.


Leading High Performance Teams:
Course provides participants with key concepts and knowledge that will help them not only to understand the nature of high performance teams but also to develop and sustain them in practice.


Managing Human Resources:
The workshop looks at a number of functional HR areas including staffing, training and development, performance management, and compensation and benefits.


Organizational Problem Solving:
Creates a “database” with useful concepts from the field of management, along with improving problem solving skills.


Understanding Psychology of Employees:
Diagnose the personalities of your employees and implement employee-specific plans to deal with them (including high-maintenance, problem employees)


Strategic Management:
This multi-disciplinary seminar builds on frameworks from strategic management and finance to examine strategies with an emphasis on how organizations can position themselves as leaders in the dynamic landscape of the industry in the second decade of the 21st century.

2 BECs

Elective Courses

Choose 9 BECs

Blue Ocean Strategy:
Blue Ocean Strategy is a set of systematic tools that use an analytical framework to allow companies to break away from the red ocean of bloody competition and create a Blue Ocean of uncontested market spaces in which their competition is irrelevant.

2 BECs

Developing Leader Character:
Discusses the concrete behaviors associated with different eleven character dimensions (accountability, drive, collaboration, courage, justice, temperance, humility, humanity, integrity, transcendence, and judgement), and illustrates how these behaviors can be developed.

2 BECs

Digital Marketing:
Content Marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing and Web Analytics.

4 BECs

Global Business Culture:
This workshop will explore differences in country cultures around the world and their implications for management.


Leadership Development:
Focuses on maximizing the effectiveness of leaders at work. Topics include self-awareness, leadership theories, and transformational and inspirational leadership.


Leading Change:
Key concepts and knowledge that will help not only to understand the nature of high performance teams but also to develop and sustain them in practice.


Sales Leadership:
Extensively covers sales managers’ needs, tools leadership skills required to achieve sales team’s high performance goals.

4.5 BECs

Supply Chain Management:

  • Demand management & forecasting
  • Critical paths
  • Inventory management & Just-in-Time

2 BECs

3D Leader:
Applies state-of-the-art research in situational awareness and leader effectiveness


Women in Leadership:
This leadership training is designed to empower women leaders to identify their unique facets, to ask for what they want, and to bring their whole best selves to work.

3 BECs


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