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Master of Science in Accountancy (MSACCY)

Welcome to the Master of Science in Accountancy (MSACCY) and thank you for considering our world class program! Our program is one of a select group of universities that has its own separate accounting accreditation by the AACSB.


The Bauer MSACCY Program Recognized in the Top 50 Accounting Programs Among U. S. Universities in a Recent Study by College Choice

College Choice described the program as being "unique in that not only is the program accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, but it is one of less than 200 institutions to hold an additional specialized accreditation solely for the accounting program" and having "a nationally ranked faculty working in accounting, and accounting courses are regularly taught by active professionals in the field. All students are given a first-class education as well as unique opportunities to be recruited by top agencies and firms from across the nation before they graduate."

College Choice is an online publication that helps students and families find the right college through the publishing of rankings and reviews plus providing resources to help students get into, pay for and succeed in college. To view the full rankings, go to the College Choice website.


Program Description

The MSACCY program is designed to be flexible and is anticipated to be completed in one year for full-time students. The degree plan consists of 36 graduate hours including 24 hours of graduate accounting or IT courses. Students can also develop a skilled specialization in one of our five certificate tracks while completing degree requirements. The Program provides an opportunity to acquire a strong graduate foundation in accounting and also pursue an area of particular student interest or career aspiration.

The program offers a flexible class schedule and courses that provide students with the right balance of technical knowledge and critical thinking capabilities sought by today’s employers. The majority of our MSACCY courses (approximately 80%) are offered in the evening to accommodate working professionals. The remaining courses are offered during the regular day class schedule. Students learn to solve complex business problems, recognize dysfunctional accounting situations, and respond appropriately to ethical and regulatory dilemmas; while engaging in accounting research and gaining first-hand experience communicating their findings. Emphasis is placed on the strong background needed to successfully complete the Texas Uniform CPA exam.

The Department of Accountancy & Taxation's MSACCY Accounting Program is recognized by the AACSB and has received separate Accounting Accreditation from the AACSB. Less than 2% of the worldwide accounting programs have received this important designation as one of the highest quality academic programs which "ensures that students are learning material most relevant to their field of study, preparing them to be effective leaders upon graduation."

We presently have approximately 300 students in our MSACCY program and the average GMAT score is 550.

36 graduate hours including 24 hours of graduate accounting/IT courses.

The average GMAT score is 550.

Meet Hannah Padgett

MSACCY Candidate


Why Select the Bauer MS in Accounting Program

Selecting a professional graduate program in accounting is an important personal career decision.  The following unique benefits and considerations are being provided to help assist you in making this decision and in illustrating the strength of our program.   

  • Bauer's accounting faculty includes both: distinguished academic scholars (with extensive published research on leading topics) and important advisory positions such as an academic advisor to the U.S. Treasury Department; and current and former  senior executives and high level professionals from industry (which bring real world experience into the classroom) that take an innovative approach to teaching.
  • Bauer is one of only 180 institutions in the world that hold an additional specialized AACSB Accreditation for their accounting programs. Bauer is also one of only 412 schools in the nation to be accredited by AACSB International, the leading business school accreditation body.
  • UH Bauer has the #1 accounting faculty in Houston.
  • An outstanding education will be obtained in a leading global city that will help develop your broad understanding of international considerations with over 70 countries represented by our international students - Bauer is the single most diverse business school in the United States.
  • Our MSACCY Program is on the leading edge of adopting Data Analytics educational learning experiences relating to data creation, data sharing, data analytics, data mining, data visualization, data reporting and storage; as promulgated by AACSB Accounting Accreditation Standard A7. We presently have three courses incorporating Data Analytics.
  • Specialized dedicated academic advisory and career placement personnel for our MSACCY program in Bauer's Rockwell Career Center.
  • MSACCY has a mentor program that pairs new students with a Bauer accounting professor to assist with their transition into graduate school.
  • Our graduate Oil & Gas Certificate is unique among all U.S. universities in that it is comprised of four specialized Oil & Gas courses using resources from the Energy Capital of the World (Houston). The certificate was developed through a joint effort with Oil & Gas/Energy (upstream, midstream, downstream and other energy) companies, CPA firms, and other affected stakeholders.
  • Our graduate Internal Audit Certificate is one of only six programs in the world and one of only three in the United States to be recognized as a Center of Excellence by the Institute of Internal Auditors.
  • Our MSACCY graduates' CPA exam pass rate of 63% consistently exceeds the national average.
  • The Becker CPA Exam Review Course is offered on the Bauer campus on Saturdays. This is a noncredit course, unrelated to the MSACCY Program, which is separately paid for by the student.

UH Bauer has the #1 accounting faculty in Houston, ranks #2 in Texas and consistently ranks as one of the top faculty in North America.

Our graduates consistently exceed the national average on the CPA exam pass rate.

Mentorship Program

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MSACCY Ambassadors

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Houston Business Community and Corporate Partners/Employers

We are actively involved with the local community in many ways and through various programs.

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Career Opportunities

Employment upon graduation is very important. Our MSACCY program is very successful in helping our graduates become employed. Our program is supported by the Rockwell Career Center which deals solely with C. T. Bauer College of Business students and alumni. The Rockwell Career Center is a full-service career center offering resources and assistance in the formulation and implementation of their career plans — including activities such as résumé writing, mock interviews, accounting fairs, coordination of extensive on campus recruiting events with employers and more. Having a career center dedicated only to the needs of Bauer business students is an important and differentiating resource.

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Academic Success
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Snapchat Takeover: Hannah Padgett

MSACCY Candidate and University of Houston Cheerleader Hannah Padgett took over the Bauer College Snapchat account for a day, showing us what it's like to be a cheerleader and graduate student on the UH campus.


MSACCY has a mentor program that pairs new students with a Bauer accounting professor to assist with their transition into graduate school. Learn more on the MSACCY Mentor Program page.


MSACCY students are encouraged to participate in events and activities that prepare them to succeed in the MSACCY program and their future careers. See photos from one recent event on


Bauer MSACCY Ambassadors are students who not only demonstrate leadership skills both in and outside the classroom but who are passionate about the MSACCY program.

MSACCY Ambassadors help prospective students learn about the opportunities that await them at the Bauer College of Business. They offer a real-life perspective about being an MSACCY student and an insider’s view of life in the classroom and beyond.

MSACCY Ambassadors regularly attend MSACCY recruitment events to interact with prospective students.


"CAP was perfect for me because I could complete the accounting foundation courses within CAP before applying for the MSACCY Program."

My BA was in Art-History and through my work in auction houses, art galleries, and in real estate development I’d discovered that I enjoyed the numbers side of business. I initially was considering pursuing an MBA, but ended up deciding that the way to best improve my business skills and differentiate myself in the job market was to pursue Accounting. I attended an information session for the CAP and MSACCY programs and was sold. Coming from a non-accounting background, CAP was perfect for me because I could complete the accounting foundation courses within CAP before applying for the MSACCY Program. While taking ACCT 5331 Introduction to Federal Income Tax, I learned that I could volunteer with Neighborhood Centers during spring tax season to prepare tax returns. During my last semester of accounting foundation classes I applied for and was accepted into the MSACCY program. Based upon my time as a tax volunteer, I decided to focus my studies on taxation. As part of the MSACCY Program, I have completed two internships.

Susanna Kise
MS Accountancy


"While attending school, working, and raising children has been very difficult, it is not uncommon to find other students in similar situations that will understand and make the Bauer experience more rewarding."

Bauer has given me amazing opportunities I probably would not have had elsewhere. Not only does it have an excellent accounting program, but it offers opportunities to recruit with some of the biggest firms. Bauer's rigorous program has helped not only to prepare me with technical skills, but also with my soft skills. The Rockwell Career Center made a huge impact on me being able to obtain internships. They assisted me with everything from reviewing my resume to preparing me for interviews. During my academic career, I had the opportunity to intern with two different firms. My internship experiences were challenging, yet very rewarding. While attending school, working, and raising children has been very difficult, it is not uncommon to find other students in similar situations that will understand and make the Bauer experience more rewarding. I wouldn't change my Bauer experience for anything.

Evelyn Garza
MS Accountancy