A Message from Dean Paul A. Pavlou

Dean Paul A. Pavlou


New technologies and the power of data and digitization are radically transforming business.

I believe this decade will be transformational to business education, practice, society, and humankind. This new environment requires a new generation of leaders and entrepreneurs who can work across disciplines to leverage new technologies and tools to transform lives, advance organizations, reinvent industries, and better society through thought leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship. As the preeminent Tier-1 public urban business school in the City of Houston with the largest undergraduate body in the State of Texas, the Bauer College is poised to play a key transformative role in training the next generation of business leaders by providing world-class education and leading-edge curricula to enhance corporate practice, society, and humankind in general.

Our 2020-2025 5-year Strategic Planning Process was driven by five basic questions:

No. 1

Why Bauer? What inspires faculty, students, staff, alumni and partners about Bauer?

No. 2

How do we best prepare our students, faculty, staff, alumni, industry partners, and all our stakeholders to confront the challenges of this decade?

No. 3

With which principles, values, and competencies and skills do we need to equip the next generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs at the Bauer College?

No. 4

What are the important differentiators for the Bauer College of Business, and how can we leverage our distinct competencies to advance business education and practice?

No. 5

What are the big challenges facing business and society this decade, and how can the Bauer College of Business advance intellectual leadership through innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship to contribute to business education and practice?

The nature of business school education is rapidly changing with demand for more specialized courses, distance education and on-demand learning, micro-credentials, and shifting student demographics. The increased complexity of business practice often requires cross-disciplinary solutions that require bringing together diverse stakeholders. There are also large-scale societal trends, such as automation and digitization, globalization, and sustainability, and business schools are increasingly expected to contribute to the development of a healthier and more just society.

To remain ahead of the curve in this increasingly competitive landscape, Bauer enters the next decade with a bold, aspirational, and inspirational strategic plan that recognizes these changes and strives to identify how the Bauer College can succeed and thrive.

Here I outline our 2020-2025 Strategic Plan of the C. T. Bauer College of Business.


Paul A. Pavlou, Ph.D.
C. T. Bauer College of Business
University of Houston
A Carnegie-designated Tier One research university