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Bauer College Cougar Investment Fund

Bauer College Cougar Investment Fund

Bauer College Cougar Investment Fund

Bauer’s university student investment fund has been a strong program for students and investors alike.

The Cougar Fund is a multi-million dollar private investment fund that holds equity securities that are traded on U.S. markets. The fund is managed by MBA and MS Finance candidates participating in the Graduate Certificate in Financial Services Management. These students attempt to add value to the portfolio by investing in undervalued stocks discovered through in-depth fundamental analysis of individual firms. Each stock considered for the Cougar Fund portfolio is required to undergo a thorough examination of its investment merits based on free cash flow valuation.

AIM Center

Management of the Cougar Fund is housed in the AIM Center for Investment Management. The Center provides state-of-the-art workstations that link satellite based feeds from Reuters, Thomson Financial, DataStream, with other services like Compustat, to local data and Bauer College proprietary analysis and valuation software. This integration of real time data in a technically sophisticated work environment facilitates the student managers' extensive due diligence research and provides them with an unparalleled experience in bringing financial and business concepts to real world decision making.

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The Cougar Investment Fund, through the efforts of investors, Bauer faculty and students, has exceeded many expectations since the fund began in 2002. The fund’s mission is to teach master-level finance and MBA students how to become professional investment fund managers. It reflects Bauer College’s goal of creating programs where students experience what it takes to successfully apply business principles in the real world of business.

Out of approximately 6,000 university-based student-run investment funds in the U.S., the Cougar Investment Fund is one of four student run funds that relies on individual investors rather than on endowment funds. In turn, our students experience the real pressures of managing other people’s money.

The Cougar Fund illustrate Bauer’s innovative and unique approach to business education as well as the impact of a university student investment fund on preparing students to take on real business world scenarios. The experience graduates gain making the Cougar Fund successful is a big plus among employers and another reason why the Cougar Fund brings distinction to Bauer.

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Thomas George
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Chief Investment Officer,
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Cougar Investment Fund, LLC
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