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The C. T. Bauer College of Business and the College of Pharmacy’s PharmD/MBA Joint Degree Program prepares students for careers in which the understanding of both business and pharmacy is critical. This program provides students with the opportunity to complete the degree requirements of a Doctor of Pharmacy and a Master of Business Administration in a shorter period of time if the degrees were pursued separately.


Admissions to the PharmD and MBA programs are completely independent. Students who are interested in the joint degree must separately apply for admission to the PharmD program through the College of Pharmacy and the MBA program through the C. T. Bauer College of Business. Admission requirements for the MBA Program can be found on the Bauer website and requirements for the PharmD program can be found on the College of Pharmacy's website. Please note: admission to one program has no bearing upon admission to the other.

Once accepted into both programs, applicants must petition to the MBA/PharmD coordinator at both colleges for admission into the Joint Degree Program. Each college has a designated coordinator to provide academic advising (contact information listed on the top right of this page).

Students who are applying for the PharmD program and those currently enrolled are eligible to apply to the joint program, provided that they have not yet completed their first year in the pharmacy program.

Program Requirements & Curriculum Overview

The curriculum requirements of both individual degree programs (MBA and PharmD) apply to the Joint Degree Program except that 12 semester hours of PharmD course will count as electives toward the MBA degree, and a minimum of 6 semester hours (or three separate courses) of MBA courses will count as electives toward the PharmD degree. This sharing of courses across programs will apply only upon completion of the remaining requirements for the degree into which the credits transferring. For example, the 12 semester hours of PharmD courses count toward the MBA only after the 12 hours of PharmD courses have been taken and all other requirements of the MBA degree have been only after 6 semester hours of MBA course have been taken and all other requirements of the PharmD degree are satisfied.


Tuition and fees are set individually by each college. For more information on tuition rates, please contact Marian Newman,