Global Business

(.8 CEU)

The program content is designed to enhance intellectual sensitivity to observed transformational trends in the world and their impact on all facets of business, culture and day to day life. It satisfies the curiosity and provides an understanding of the various moving pieces in current times impacting the decision making for success of business in the digital age.

The playing field of business is reshaping very fast. It is getting redefined with changing geopolitical equations, emergence of new leading economic powers, disruption of conventional business models, volatility of markets, emerging trends in socioeconomics and speed of innovation in the Digital age. The role of leaders is changing dramatically. Leaders are expected to operate in fast changing internal and external environments where learning, unlearning and relearning at a frantic pace is becoming a norm. Organizations and companies are looking for leaders who can adapt to changing environment effortlessly and lead local, as well as global organizations for success while competing in a massive onslaught of global players in what seems to be a borderless world connected through broadband connectivity.

In the midst of growing international interconnectivity, this program presents a straightforward and understandable framing of mega trends in globalization. It is designed to demystify the social, economic, and cultural impacts of globalization by simplifying its complexities and enabling inclusive discussions. The curriculum examines the various aspects of globalization, and its impact. It facilitates participants to thoughtfully engage in discussion to address the misconceptions evidenced by the level of international discussion and unexpected outcomes involving the global nature of our world. The content surveys the world’s constant change and ever increasing volume and complexity.

This program is designed to present a contemporary examination of issues in modern business. In covering topics such as technology, trade, emerging economies, and political rhetoric it draws on examples from around the globe, historic perspectives, and conversations with recognized academics, practitioners, leaders, and thinkers, distinguished by their position, production, prominence, and publications.

Four Sessions of 2 hours each (20% presentation, 80% facilitated discussions) The primary focus of this thought exercise is positioned around four central themes.

Session 1: The World Today: This discussion is designed to frame an understanding of history, change drivers, actors, and business environments that have brought world systems to their present status.

Session 2: The Changing World View: This module is designed to frame an understanding of macro trends that have produced emerging economies and the importance of global commodities. Through examples of countries and their position on the world stage, it frames recognition of what makes economies suited for success in the changing economic face of globalization.

Session 3: The Tumultuous World: This discussion is designed to frame an understanding of the effect of global politics and myopic ideologies on global business, technology as the precursor and progeny, and how traditional business models are changing.

Session 4: The World Tomorrow: This discussion is designed to frame an understanding of the changing face of work in the globalized world including tenants of the definition of what work is, the characteristics of the new workforce, and how the workplace is changing.




Mahesh Joshi | Bio | Author of the Book “Global Business” published by Oxford University Press and host of the popular radio show “Global Business with Mahesh Joshi” on

Reference book: Global Business, Mahesh Joshi and James (J.R.) Klein, Oxford University Press, ISBN: 9780198827481


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