Advanced Leadership Certificate
in Business Excellence

"Soft skills get little respect, but they will make or break your career"

– Peggy Klaus, author.

A program for new and emerging leaders

Newly promoted or want to be? Want to demonstrate the skills necessary to be a leader?

The Advanced Leadership Certificate in Business Excellence will help you reach your full potential while developing you as a leader in five short classes.

You will learn how to:

The program’s structure will also provide the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded individuals and gain insightful advice on real life, work related circumstances.

You will choose the dates and courses at your own pace and register yourself individually for each course. The courses can be completed at your convenience, with no time limit. You will get a certificate of completion and CEU credit for each completed individual course. However, please email us any time before you complete your last class at so that we may prepare your Certificate in Business Excellence.

Advanced Leadership Certificate Core CoursesCourse Length

Part 1: Leading Yourself: Developing your Leadership Style
Your choice of:

Women in Leadership:
This leadership training is designed to empower women leaders to identify their unique facets, to ask for what they want, and to bring their whole best selves to work.

2 Days

Developing Leader Character:
Discusses the concrete behaviors associated with different eleven character dimensions (accountability, drive, collaboration, courage, justice, temperance, humility, humanity, integrity, transcendence, and judgment), and illustrates how these behaviors can be developed.

2 Days


Executive Communications and Presence:
Deliver messages to any audience with confidence and purpose for optimal outcomes. Speaking clearly and confidently in public is a valuable and often essential leadership skill to possess. This course offers you a basic and practical background on the principles of public speaking, as well as practical experience with basic types of speeches.

1 Day

Part 2: Leading Others

Leading High Performance Teams:
Course provides participants with key concepts and knowledge that will help them not only to understand the nature of high performance teams but also to develop and sustain them in practice.

1 Day

Managing Human Resources:
The workshop looks at a number of functional HR areas including staffing, training and development, performance management, and compensation and benefits.

1 Day

From Management to Leadership:
Be able to communicate effectively with your team while transitioning into a position of leadership. This course will help you create a goal-focused environment while maintaining teamwork.

1 Day


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