Department of Accountancy & Taxation

Degree Plan

The MSACCY degree plan outlined below is based on all of the prerequisites being fulfilled. This version of the degree plan is effective for newly admitted students beginning with the Fall 2015 semester. Students admitted prior to Fall 2015 will follow the appropriate version of their degree plan.

Accounting Courses:Credits
Required Core Courses
Advanced Accounting (7330)3
Corporate Taxation (7375)3
Elective Courses
Six Accounting/IT courses18
Required Non-Accounting Core Courses:
Professional Accounting Communication (7303)3
Business Ethics for Accountants (7304)3
Commercial Law (7305)3
General Business or Accounting Electives:
One course3

General Information

The MSACCY degree plan grants students the opportunity to customize their degree to address specific areas of interest and receive academic credit for an internship.

The course offerings and details are important to review when selecting courses.


Students have the option of obtaining a certificate(s) while completing degree requirements. For more information, see certificate policies.

Internship for Course Credit

MSACCY students have the opportunity to take a 3-hour accounting internship course as an accounting elective. Registration for the Accounting Internship course is necessary before being eligible to receive credit for the internship. For more information, see the internship eligibility requirements.

Transfer Credit and Course Waivers

Please visit our MSACCY Policies page to view the academic policies regarding transfer credit and course waivers.

Academic Policies

Academic policies pertaining to the MSACCY program can be located on our MSACCY Policies page.