Department of Accountancy & Taxation

Master of Science in Accountancy Certificates

Earning a Master of Science in Accountancy (MSACCY) Certificate offers an opportunity to demonstrate mastery of a particular subject area and provides credentials that professionals can use to accelerate their careers. Courses applied to a specific certificate can also be used to fulfill MSACCY degree requirements.

Unique grouping of graduate-level courses are designed to provide intensive exposure to topic areas in demand by the current business environment. Upon completion of the MSACCY program, students can request a certificate or certificates in the area of their specialization.

To earn a certificate(s), students must meet the requirements for the certificate as well as the MSACCY degree requirements.

The courses are not offered on a non-credit or audit basis and are ONLY available to MSACCY students. For assistance in course selection, students should contact the MSACCY advisor.

Certificate Requirements:

Completion of any four courses listed specifically for each certificate.

Undergraduate certificate courses will not count or fulfill this course requirement. For example, undergraduate internal audit course does not count towards a MSACCY graduate certificate.

Students that have previously taken our Oil & Gas courses or previously received the related Oil & Gas Certificate (at the undergraduate or CAP level, etc.) are not eligible to take the Oil & Gas graduate courses at the MSACCY level for credit or receive the Graduate MSACCY Oil & Gas Certificate.

ACCT 7397Oil & Gas Accounting 1
ACCT 7397Oil & Gas Accounting 2
ACCT 7397Oil & Gas Accounting 3
ACCT 7397Oil & Gas Taxation
ACCT 7367Advanced Internal Audit
ACCT 7370Advanced Financial Statement Auditing
ACCT 7382Governance, Risk & Compliance
ACCT 7385Fraud Examination
Any four approved “MIS” courses may be selected to earn the Risk Certificate. Accounting courses from this track are not required for this certificate; however, highly recommended.
MIS 7373Business Applications of Database Management Systems I
MIS 7376Systems Analysis and Design
MIS 7378IT Management and Controls
MIS 7381Management of Information Security
ACCT 7382Governance, Risk & Compliance
ACCT 7385Fraud Examination
ACCT 7340Financial Statement Analysis
ACCT 7350International Financial Reporting & Analysis
ACCT 7363Contemporary Accounting Topics
ACCT 7370Advanced Financial Statement Auditing
ACCT 7378Government Non-Profit Accounting
ACCT 7385Fraud Examination
ACCT 7360Partnership Taxation
ACCT 7362Tax Research
ACCT 7372Multi-Jurisdictional Tax Issues
ACCT 7380Advanced Corporate Taxation
ACCT 7397Current Issues in Taxation
ACCT 7397Oil and Gas Taxation
ACCT 7397Transfer Price Theory

Minimum Grade Requirement per Course:

Minimum letter grade of “B” for each of the certificate courses


Must be a current Bauer graduate student in the MSACCY program to participate in the certificate program and must complete the MSACCY degree.

Certificate Requests:

Certificates are awarded after grades are posted for the final semester of the MSACCY and requirements are verified. Certificates are typically mailed 4-8 weeks after degree posting.