Tuition & Costs

The Bauer Executive DBA tuition for the class entering Fall 2024 is approximately $35,000 per year, for three years.

Out-of-state tuition is approximately $44,350 per year, for three years.

This fee includes registration, fees, books, curated class materials, parking*, and group meals. Individuals will receive special services, including a lock-step curriculum, minimal time spent dealing with administrative tasks, research and library assistance and the inclusion of most costs associated with this degree program. The participant in the Executive DBA Program can focus on maximizing the value obtained from the curriculum and from ongoing interaction with fellow participants.

A non-refundable deposit of $2,500 is required to accept an offer of admission to the Executive DBA program. This deposit will be credited toward your fall tuition payment.

Please note that the tuition fee does not include any hotel accommodation or personal transportation during the residencies.

*Does not include hotel or parking in certain areas during athletic and other special events.

Cost Breakdown

The tuition, less the acceptance fee, is paid by semester to the University of Houston. We do not break out all the various costs associated with the Executive DBA Program. We view our programs as an integrated educational offering of superior educational value to the participants and to their organizational sponsors. Additionally, Executive DBA fees support an administrative structure that is in place to serve only the students in these programs.

Note: Tuition, fees, course scheduling, sequencing, curriculum, classrooms and instructors are subject to change.