Becoming a Sponsor

The costs of Center symposia are enormous. Furthermore, many of the costs cannot be covered by state funds, even if such funds are replaced by registration fees. Thus, the Institute for Regional Forecasting is dependent upon the generosity of corporate sponsors to defray costs that can only be covered with "outside" funds. Each year 10 or more firms participate with the University of Houston in underwriting the symposium series. These underwriters provide a great service to the overall community. They also enjoy a variety of benefits tied to their association with these programs.

All underwriters are provided a complimentary table for 10 at each symposium. The table is set up to include your company logo on a table sign. All underwriters are officially recognized in all publicity related to the symposia including all announcements, handouts, and the PowerPoint® presentation. Underwriters are also recognized on our CD-Houston which includes a version of the PowerPoint® presentation given at the symposium. In addition, symposium underwriters that sponsor both symposia (either fall/spring or spring/fall) may receive one complimentary presentation during their sponsorship period to personnel or clients by Dr. R. W. Gilmer on a topic of their choice related to the Houston economy. Finally, underwriters are listed on the Institute for Regional Forecasting's web page along with a link to their company's website, if available. Underwriters are also given a complimentary copy of CD-Houston.

The cost of underwriting the symposia is as follows: agree to underwrite both symposia (fall/spring or spring/fall) for $7,000, or underwrite one symposium (either fall or spring) for $4,000. If you agree to sponsor both symposia you can choose to be billed for each symposium separately. Additional tables can be purchased by our sponsors for $880.00 per table, a 20% discount. Our underwriters enjoy the privilege of playing a key role in supporting a major area business event and the publicity that accompanies it.

Please contact Patsy Woods, Program Manager, at the Institute for Regional Forecasting (IRF) about supporting this important University effort.


The fair market value of two consecutive symposia sponsorship is $4,600.
The fair market value of one symposium sponsorship is $1,550.