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Enrollment Planning Information for Freshmen

We look forward to welcoming you to the University of Houston and the Bauer College of Business very soon! In preparation for your academic advising session, it's important that you begin the planning process now by adding courses to your myUH academic planner.

Step 1: Choose your courses.

Provided below is a list of the typical courses most freshman business majors take in their first semester. You can also check out the academic map for your intended major in the UH in 4 website. Remember, if you have completed dual credit or anticipate AP credit for any of the recommended courses, please choose one of the courses listed in the alternative courses section of the table below. Information and descriptions of all of these courses is available as you go through the planning process through your myUH account.

If you have any questions, please email


Typical courses for Freshmen

Course Number


ENGL 1303

Freshman Composition I

Math 1314*

Calculus for Business

US History or US Government (choose one of the following)

HIST 1377 (or HIST 1376)
HIST 1378 or (HIST 1379)

The United States to 1877
The United States since 1877

ACCT 2331

Accounting Principles I - Financial

INTB 3354

Business Principles in a Global Economy


US Government (in place of US History)

POLS 1336
POLS 1337

US & Texas Constitutions and Politics
US Government: Congress, President, and Courts

MIS 3300

Intro to Computers and MIS

*Enrollment eligibility is determined by the Math Placement Exam, Students who do not place into Math 1314 may choose Math 1311 – Elementary Mathematical Modeling as long as placement requirements are met.


Step 2: Add courses to your myUH academic planner.

The basic steps for accessing your planner are below.

  1. Sign into your myUH
  2. Select UH Self Service icon on the left side of your screen
  3. Select "Student Center"
  4. Select "Plan" under Academics
  5. Select "Browse Course Catalog" for course information

Enrollment Planning Information for Transfer Students

We look forward to welcoming you to the University of Houston and the Bauer College of Business very soon!

Use the information below along with the BBA Degree Plan to explore your course options in preparation for your academic advising session. The first-semester schedule recommendations below are suggested. Schedule recommendations assume that students meet prerequisites for suggested courses. Also, students are free to select different course options based on transfer work and course prerequisites.

If you have any questions, please email


Prioritizing your schedule

New transfer students who are admitted as Pre-business should prioritize their schedules based on what they have already completed at their transferring school and UH Bauer College degree plan filing requirements.

Priority 1

UH or Pre-business core classes you have not already completed (Sections 1 and 2 of BBA Degree Program) GENB 3302 Connecting Bauer to Business is a required course to be taken the semester a student transfers to UH as a Pre-business major, and does not have a transfer equivalent.

Transfer equivalencies and substitutions include the following (check the Pre-business Transfer Guide for a list of other transfer course equivalencies, and the Core list for UH or your transfer institution):
BUSI 1301 transfers as GENB 13FS, and substitutes for INTB 3354
BUSI 1305 transfers as MIS 1FOS (if taken prior to Fall 2019) or as MIS 13FS (if taken in Fall 2019 or after), and substitutes for MIS 3300 (the Excel Competency Exam is required of all students)

Priority 2

STAT 3331 is required unless students have transfer credit for BUSI 2305 (UH: GENB 23FS). Finance and Supply Chain Management (SCM) majors must complete STAT 3331 without substitution with a grade of "C" or higher in order to take 4000-level SCM courses.

Visit the Academic Advising website for the latest information on STAT 3331 prerequisite changes.

Priority 3


3000-level introductory business class within your possible major of interest.

If you are interested in:

  • Accounting: ACCT 3366
  • Finance: FINA 3332
  • Management: MANA 3335
  • Marketing: MARK 3336
  • Entrepreneurship: ENTR 3310
  • Management Information Systems: MIS 3360
  • Supply Chain Management: SCM 3301

Priority 4

Remaining Courses from Section 4 of  BBA Degree Program
MARK 3337, INTB 3355, and other 3000-level business courses (See Section 5 of BBA Degree Program)