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Bauer Ad Approval

Note: The following process applies to the C. T. Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston only. For information on the University of Houston ad approval process and how to submit for ad approval if you are not a Bauer faculty, staff member, student or stakeholder, click here.  

What is the difference between a Graphic Design Request Form and Ad Approval?

A Graphic Design Request Form is a tool for the Office of Communications to accept new graphic design project requests. Ad Approval is the official approval on a finalized piece stating that graphic standards and logo requirements have been met. Both the Graphic Design Request Form and Ad Approval are managed by members of the Office of Communications, but they are separate steps in an overall workflow for graphic design. The Graphic Design Request Form should be submitted at the onset of a project, while Ad Approval submissions should be sent after a piece has been finalized with the Office of Communications.

What is ad approval?

Per MAPP 04.01.03, Section VII, Item N (, the purchasing department requires all printed ads, digital ads and promotional items to be approved by the university’s ad approval team before they can release funds to pay the vendor. In addition, the ad approval process ensures brand consistency and adherence to the UH Graphic Standards Manual (

All forms of advertising, marketing, and promotional pieces, particularly those paid for by university or state funds, are subject to pre-approval before they are sent to the printer, publisher, or other 3rd party vendor. Creative for all advertising, marketing, and promotional pieces need to undergo the Ad Approval process each time it is reused. This includes (but is not limited to) advertising created to supporting student organizations, student research, faculty research and items created with any University of Houston logo, mark, or symbol on it. Only non-graphic (text only) advertisements in the Yellow Pages, KUHT or KUHF are exempt from pre-approval.

Using the UH Graphic Standards Manual, submissions to ad approval are reviewed with the following criteria in mind:

  • Correct logo – The piece has an approved and correctly formatted University of Houston logo (this includes college, department and business unit logos).
  • Layout – The logo has enough space between it and other graphic elements on the piece. Logos are not used as part of text, i.e. within the body of text, headline or caption in such a way as to be read as part of a sentence or phrase.
  • Clear images – The images are not distorted and are the correct resolution.
  • Solicitations – Any time a piece contains a request for donations (whether they are money or gifts), an additional approval process is needed through Annual Giving. The ad approval team will review based on ad approval standards, and they will facilitate the Annual Giving review process.
  • Reputable – The content is tasteful and inoffensive.

In addition, the ad approval team makes suggestions for improvements within the piece that may help in clarity, understanding and a better overall presentation.

What is the process for ad approval at Bauer?

UH Marketing & Communication leads ad approval for the university. In 2013, through a partnership with UH Marketing, Bauer became the pilot college in a refined ad approval process. Through this refined process, members of the college’s Office of Communications staff are now ad approval designees.

Effective June 17, 2013, for Bauer College ad approval needs, you should send submissions to, and a member of the Bauer Ad Approval Team will handle the approval process.

The Bauer Ad Approval Team has been trained by UH Marketing in ad approval and will follow the same standards as the central ad approval team for submissions. Some guidelines for submissions:

  • The Bauer Office of Communications has designated multiple representatives from the team to approve ads. Each week, a team of two members of the Bauer Ad Approval Team will handle submissions and approvals from the college. All submissions should be sent to, rather than individual members of the Bauer Ad Approval Team.
  • Submissions to will be reviewed once a day. Please note that the turnaround time to receive a response for a submission is 3 business days. If you have a deadline-driven or high priority piece that needs approval, please contact Jessica Navarro ( or 3-4348) to arrange a more immediate review of your submission.
  • Please send proofs of all advertising, marketing and promotional items that are printed, digital, video, posted online, etc., at least 48 hours (business days only) before they are due to your printer, publisher, or other third party vendor. (Note: it is good practice to send these items as soon as possible, in case there are changes necessary to your piece to receive approval. Coordinating among Bauer Ad Approval, your department and your vendor can take additional time outside of the ad approval process.)
  • Please include at least one approved Bauer College logotype on all printed and digital ads.
  • All Bauer marketing, communications and promotional pieces should uphold all applicable UH Graphic Standards.
  • Please ensure the graphic design of your piece is professional looking and is an appropriate representation of the college and university.

How does this process benefit the college?

Handling this process in-house offers several advantages to you, including a consistent group of staff working with you from the beginning of the project (design and creation) through the end (ad approval), if your piece is created by the Bauer College Office of Communications.

The Office of Communications will continue to serve as a resource to collaborate on promotional pieces with you and to help create graphic design, videography, web, photography and other communications projects. If you work directly with the Office of Communications to produce a piece, the ad approval process will likely be a smooth one for you because the Office of Communications will ensure brand consistency and correct logo usage as the piece is being created. (Note: Even if a piece is created for you by Office of Communications and you work directly with a member of the Bauer Ad Approval Team on its design, you will still need to submit it to to receive the official approval response.)

If you work with a third party vendor or a designer who is not part of the Office of Communications, please be sure to allow ample time for the ad approval review process so that any issues with logo usage or graphic standards can be identified prior to your deadline for submission to your printer, publisher or vendor.

The Bauer Office of Communications and the UH Marketing team have completed a memorandum of understanding to establish the Bauer Ad Approval Team as official designees of the Associate Vice President of University Marketing & Communications, empowered to approve the college's marketing, advertising and communication pieces, per UH MAPP 04.01.03. This means that the Purchasing Office will recognize approval from as the official document you need to pay an invoice for promotional material.

How can I get more information about the refined ad approval process and/or working with Office of Communications on designing promotional pieces?

If you have questions, concerns or comments, contact Jessica Navarro ( or 3-4348). The Office of Communications is available to meet in person with its graphic design team and any departments or offices to allow for a brief overview of the process and time for Q&A.