Online Master of Science in Management & Leadership at the University of Houston

The Online MS in Management & Leadership is made up of 30 credit hours. The program is designed to be completed within 12 or 18 months.

Required Core Skills Courses

Students are required to take 18 hours of the core skills courses.

Prefix and Number Required Courses SCH
MANA 6310 Fundamentals of Business1 3
MANA 6A32 Organizational Behavior and Management 1.5
MANA 6A25 Ethical Leadership and Critical Reasoning 1.5
MANA 6A83 Strategic Analysis 1.5
MANA 7A49 Managerial Decision-Making 1.5
MANA 7336 Human Resource Management 3
MANA 7332 Effective Negotiations 3
MANA 7339 Leadership Development 3

1This is an introductory course establishing how management and leadership relate to the areas of marketing, finance, accounting, supply chain, and information technology.

Elective Courses

Students in the proposed program are required to take 12 hours of elective courses in management from the courses listed below. Other courses may be used as electives with the approval of the Program Director.

Prefix and Number Approved Electives SCH
MANA 7A80 Implementation of Strategies 1.5
MANA 7338 Organizational Power, Politics, & Culture 3
MANA 7340 Management of High Technology Organizations 3
MANA 7343 International Legal Environment of Management 3
MANA 7346 Global Human Resource Management 3
MANA 7351 Management of Global Organizations 3
MANA 7353 Regional Issues in Management 3
MANA 7354 Cultural Issues in Global Management 3
MANA 7356 Diversity Management 3
MANA 7358 Compensation & Benefits 3
MANA 7390 Virtual Teams 3
MANA 7393 Global Strategy 3
MANA 7330 Legal Environment of Management 3
MANA 7375 Global Leadership 3
MANA 7380 People Analytics 3
MANA 7392 Managerial Issues 3
MANA 7395 Practical Experiences in Management (may be repeated twice) 3 (6)