Graduate and Professional Programs

MS Management Information Systems Curriculum & Courses

Program Overview
  1. Admission Requirements: (Learn more on the MIS Apply page.)
    1. Currently be employed in an MIS professional role in the Houston area at least with two years of full time experience and are expected to maintain their employment while in the program (employment verification required).
    2. Undergraduate degree in MIS or computer science
    3. GMAT or GRE score
    4. Official transcript(s)
    5. Two letters of recommendation
  2. Degree Plan:
    • Courses:
      1. 36 total graduate hours from the 31 courses shown below
      2. Can waive CORE SKILLS courses with any graduate/undergraduate course (B or better) with substitution of ELECTIVE hours.
      3. Can waive up to 2 ELECTIVE courses with any graduate/undergraduate course (B or better) without substitution.
      4. NO retakes of ANY student's undergraduate ELECTIVE courses.
    • A maximum of three NON-MIS ELECTIVES (3 courses, 9 hours).
  3. Retention: Three "C" Rule (receiving a grade of "C+" or lower in 3 courses [9 hours -- repeated or not] cannot continue the program)
  4. Graduation: 3.0 GPA and 36 graduate credit hours (or 30 with waiver of 6 hours)
CORE SKILLS (6 courses, 18 hours)

REQUIRED: May be WAIVED with prior graduate or undergraduate courses (if B or better grade) with substitution of ELECTIVES below
COURSES Existing Bauer MIS
Course Number(s)
Content [Technology Stack]
1. Systems Analysis and Design MIS 7376 Fundamentals of SAD [waterfall and agile]
2. Object Oriented Programming MIS 7397 [JAVA]
3. Client-Server I (client-side) MIS 7397 Client side development [HTML5, scripting, XML]
4. Database I MIS 7373 Fundamentals of database design and [SQL, Oracle]
5. Administration of MIS MIS 7378 Strategy and tactics for MIS Management
6. Project Management MIS 7397 PM fundamentals
MIS ELECTIVES (16 courses, 48 hours)

Course offerings are subject to change. May WAIVE up to two ELECTIVES with prior graduate or undergraduate (if B or better grade) without substitution of other courses. CANNOT retake a course if prior undergraduate or graduate course credit in the topic.
COURSES Existing Bauer MIS
Course Number(s)
Content [Technology Stack]
7. Database II MIS 7397 Advanced database topics [more Oracle]
8. Client-Server II MIS 7397 Middleware application development [VB.NET, C#, MS SQL Server]
9. Open Source Systems MIS 7397 [Linux,Apache,MySQL,PHP]
10. Networking/Security Infrastructure MIS 7397 Infrastructure fundamentals
11. IT Security Management MIS 7398 Managerial aspects of IT security
12. IT Consulting MIS 7379 Project Management follow-up
13. Energy Trading Systems MIS 7397 Transaction processing from the trading floor → general ledger
14. Geographic Information Systems MIS 7397 Fundamentals of geographic information systems [ESRI]
15. Business Intelligence MIS 7397 Predictive analytics [SAS]
16. Cloud and Collaboration MIS 7397 [MS Sharepoint and Azure]
17. User Experience MIS 7397
18. Advanced Web Applications MIS 7397 Formerly "Mobile Apps" [Ruby on Rails]
19. Cloud-Powered Mobile App Development MIS 7397 [Windows Azure Mobile Services]
20. Advanced Data Modeling MIS 7397 Database I prerequisite [even more Oracle]
21. IT Audit MIS 7375 SOX compliance, COBIT, COSO, ITIL, risk topics
22. IT Startup (RED Labs) MIS 4397/7387
NON-MIS ELECTIVES (6 courses, 18 hours)
23. Spreadsheet Modeling GENB 7397
24. Internet Marketing & E-commerce MARK 7397
25. Web Analytics MARK 7397
26. ERP SCM 73xx
27. Process Analysis SCM 73xx
28. Demand/Supply Integration SCM 73xx
29.Project Management Exam Review (PMP exam) Winterm
30. Business Analyst Exam Review (CBAP exam)
31.IS Auditor Exam Review (CISA exam)