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2/21/2020 Silvia Bellezza
Columbia University
    Conspicuous Non-Consumption: Minimalism as a Status Symbol
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    Minimalism in consumption can be expressed in a multitude of disparate ways, from monochromatic home design to wardrobe capsules, and tiny home living to decluttering. This research offers a unified understanding of these variegated displays of minimalism by establishing a comprehensive definition of consumer minimalism and developing a scale to measure the construct. Three distinct dimensions of consumer minimalism are identified: number of possessions (reflecting the tendency to own few possessions), sparse aesthetic (reflecting the preference for simple and uncomplicated designs), and mindful consumption (reflecting intentionality in and awareness of one's consumption decisions). Next, a series of studies examining the signaling consequences of being minimalist show that minimalism operates as a particular form of conspicuous non-consumption, signaling heightened social status to observers. The positive effect of minimalism on social status attributions is driven by the perception that minimalist consumers possess greater self-concept clarity, and is moderated by observers' own minimalist tendencies. Finally, these effects have implications for branding: users of brands positioned as more minimalist (vs. non-minimalist) are seen as having higher social status.

Melanie Rudd
2/7/2020 Kelly Goldsmith
Vanderbilt University
Melanie Rudd
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