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Date Speaker Topic Faculty Host
UH Hilton

    The 35th UH Marketing Doctoral Symposium
UH Hilton
Chris Janiszewski
    The 35th UH Marketing Doctoral Symposium (Keynote Speaker: Chris Janiszewski)
Ye Hu
365A MH
Luca Cian
    Dynamic and Change Imagery in Marketing Communication
Seshadri Tirunillai
365A MH
Linli Xu
    There''s No Free Lunch Conversation: The Effect of Brand Advertising on Word of Mouth
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    Advertising is often purchased with the expectation that the ads will generate additional social impressions that will justify the high price of advertising. Yet academic research on the effect of advertising on WOM is scarce and shows mixed results. We examine the relationship between monthly Internet and TV advertising expenditures and the total (offline and online) word of mouth (WOM) for 538 U.S. national brands across 16 categories over 6.5 years. We find that the average implied advertising elasticity on total WOM is small: 0.016 for TV, and 0.010 for Internet. Even the categories that have the strongest implied elasticities are only as large as 0.05. Despite this small average effect, we do find that advertising in certain events may produce more desirable amounts of WOM. Specifically, using a synthetic control approach, we find that being a Super Bowl advertiser causes a moderate increase in total WOM that lasts one month. The effect on online posts is larger, but lasts for only three days. We discuss the implications of these findings for managing advertising and WOM.

Kitty Wang
365A MH
Aric Rindfleisch
    Making Mindfulness
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    Nearly all of the products that we consume have been made using a complex process we haven''t seen, in a far-away place we''ve never been, via industrial machinery that we didn''t touch. Thus, most consumers are far removed from the making of the things they buy and use. However, the recent digitization of manufacturing in general and the development of desktop 3D printing in particular enables a growing number of consumers to be exposed to the making process. In this paper, we examine the impact of consumer exposure to 3D printing upon response to products made by this process. Using mindfulness theory as our conceptual lens, we propose that exposure to desktop 3D printing fosters awareness of and attention to the making process, and that this state of mindfulness enhances consumer response to products made using this process. We test this proposition via four experiments. The results of these experiments strongly support our thesis and suggest that exposure to 3D printing enhances making mindfulness, which leads to enhanced product evaluation, greater satisfaction and increased likelihood of word-of-mouth behavior.

Kitty Wang
365A MH
Ray Burke
    Measuring and Managing Category and Brand Shoppability
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    There are many cases where the appearance, organization, presentation, and pricing of products make it difficult for shoppers to find what they’re looking for, and limit the consideration of potentially relevant brands. This research attempts to quantify the “shoppability” of product categories and brands through a behavioral analysis of the shopper/shelf interaction. By analyzing the appearance of the shelf, how long customers spend in the category, and the specific patterns of SKU interaction, it is possible to measure the time and effort required to shop identify specific products that are underperforming and make changes to shelf placement and value communication to realize the category’s full sales potential. The presentation will summarize findings from recent field experiments conducted in Europe which measure category and brand shoppability, and test approaches for redesigning the shelf to overcome barriers to purchase.

Sam Hui
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