Department of Decision & Information Sciences

Recent Publications

  • 2012 Publications

    • Bregman, Robert L.. "A Value Chain Analysis of the China Price." Production and Inventory Management [2012]
    • Bregman, Robert L.. "“Eating Your Own Dog Food” - Applying Course Concepts in Your Teaching." International Journal of Innovation and Learning [2012]
    • Goel, L., N. Johnson, I. Junglas, Blake Ives. "Predicting Users’ Return to Virtual Worlds: A Social Perspective." Information Systems Journal [2012]
    • Goel, L., I. Junglas, N. Johnson, Blake Ives. "Decision-making In-Socio and In-Situ." Decision Support Systems [2012]
    • Yavuz Acar and Everette S. Gardner, Jr.. "Forecasting Method Selection in a Global Supply Chain." International Journal of Forecasting [2012]
  • 2011 Publications

    • Bregman, Robert L.. "An Electronic Framework to Enhance Conceptual Learning." International Journal of Information and Operations Management Education [2011]
    • Chin, Wynne, W. Thatcher, J. B. Wright, R. T. "Assessing Common Method Bias: Problems with the UMLC Technique." MIS Quarterly [2011]
    • Chin, Wynne, W. Junglas, I. Roldán, J. L. "Some Considerations for Articles Introducing New and/or Novel Quantitative Methods to IS Researchers." European Journal of Information Systems [2011]
    • Hardaway, Donald E. and Richard W. Scamell. "Open Knowledge Creation: Bringing Transparency and Inclusiveness to the Peer Review Process." MIS Quarterly [2011]
    • Harris, J. G., Blake Ives, and I. Junglas. "The Genie is Out of the Bottle: Managing the Infiltration of Consumer IT Into the Workforce." Accenture: Research Report [2011]
    • Jamison, Day and Leiser Silva. "Managing Information Flow Challenges in the Supply Chain." Clutter IT Journal [2011]
    • Manuj, I. and Funda Sahin. "A Model of Supply Chain and Supply Chain Decision-Making Complexity." International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management [2011]
  • 2010 Publications

    • Narayanan, Arunachalam, Powell Robinson. "Efficient and Effective Heuristics for the Coordinated Capacitated Lot-Sizing Problem." European Journal of Operational Research [2010]
    • Narayanan, Arunachalam, Powell Robinson. "Evaluation of Joint Replenishment Procedures in Rolling Horizon Systems." International Journal of Production Economics [2010]
  • 2009 Publications

    • Acar, Yavuz, Sukran Kadipasaoglu and Jamison M. Day. “A General Approach for Incorporating Uncertainty in Optimal Decision Making: Iterative use of MIP and Simulation in Solving Combinatorial Problems.” Computers and Industrial Engineering. [February 2009]
    • Bregman, Robert L. “A Heuristic Procedure for Solving the Dynamic Probabilistic Project Expediting Problem.” European Journal of Operational Research. [2009]
    • Bregman, Robert L. “Preemptive Expediting to Improve Project Due Date Performance.” Journal of the Operational Research Society. [2009]
    • Johnson, Norman and Randolph Cooper. “Media, Affect, Concession and Agreement in Negotiation among Strangers: IM versus Telephone.” Decision Support Systems [2009]
    • Johnson, Norman and Randolph Cooper. “Power and Concession in Computer-Mediated Negotiations: An Examination of First Offers.” MIS Quarterly [2009]
    • Johnson, Norman, Randolph Cooper and Wynne Chin. “Anger and Flaming in Computer-mediated Negotiation among Strangers.” Decision Support Systems [2009]
    • Narayanan, Arunachalam, E. Powell Robinson and Funda Sahin. "Coordinated deterministic dynamic demand lot sizing problem: A review of models and algorithms." OMEGA [2009]
    • Robinson, Powell, Arunachalam Narayan, F. Sahin. "Coordinated deterministic dynamic demand lot sizing problem: A review of models and algorithms." OMEGA [2009]
  • 2008 Publications

    • Chin, Wynne W. and A. M Wicks. “Measuring the Three Process Segments of a Customer’s Service Experience for an Outpatient Surgery Center.” International Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance. [2008]
    • Chin, Wynne, A. Schwarz and Norman Johnson. “A Fast Form Approach to Measuring Technology Acceptance and Other Constructs.” MIS Quarterly. [2008]
    • Chin, Wynne, Robert A. Peterson and Steven P. Brown. “Structural Equation Modeling in Marketing: Some Practical Reminders.” Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice. [2008]
    • Chin, Wynne W., M. Parent, and W.D. Salisbury. “Robbing Peter To Pay Paul: The Differential Effect Of GSS Restrictiveness On Process Satisfaction And Group Cohesion, Group Decision and Negotiation.” Group Decision and Negotiation. [2008]
    • Cooper, Randolph and R. Haines. “The Influence of Workspace Awareness on Group Intellective Decision Effectiveness.” European Journal of Information Systems. [2008]
    • Diaz-Saiz, Joaquin and Everette S. Gardner Jr. “Exponential Smoothing in the Telecommunications Data.” International Journal of Forecasting. [2008]
    • Johnson, Norman, Iris Junglas and C. Spitzmueller. “Personality Traits and Privacy Perceptions: An Empirical Study In the Context of Location-Based Services.” European Journal of Information Systems. [2008]
    • Johnson, Norman, Randolph Cooper and Wynne Chin. “The Effect of Flaming on Computer-Mediated Negotiations.” European Journal of Information Systems. [2008]
    • Junglas, Iris, C. Abraham and Blake Ives. “Mobile Technology at the Frontlines of Patient Care: Understanding Fit and Human Drives in Utilization Decisions and Performance.” Decision Support Systems. [2008]
    • Junglas, Iris, C. Abraham and R. T. Watson. “Task-Technology Fit for Mobile Locatable Information Systems.” Decision Support Systems. [2008]
    • Junglas, Iris and R. T. Watson. “Location-Based Services: Perceptions of Location-Tracking and Location-Awareness Services.” Communications of the ACM. [2008]
    • Krotov, Vlad and Iris Junglas. “RFID as a Disruptive Innovation.” Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research [2008]
    • Neu, Dean, Leiser Silva and Elizabeth Ocampo Gómez. “Diffusing financial practices in Latin American higher education.” Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal. [2008]
    • Silva, Leiser, Lakshmi Goel and Elham Mousavidin. “Exploring the dynamics of blog communities: the case of MetaFilter.” Information Systems Journal. [2008]
    • Street, Chis, Michael Wade, Niels Bjørn-Anderson, Blake Ives, John Venable and Mike Zach. “Reversing the Downward Trend: Innovative Approaches to IS/IT Course Development and Delivery.” CAIS (Communications of the Association for Information Systems). [2008]
  • 2007 Publications

    • Chin, Wynne W. and Andrew Schwarz. “Looking Forward: Toward an Understanding of the Nature and Definition of IT Acceptance.” (JAIS) Journal of the Association of Information Systems. [2007]
    • Chin, Wynne W., Andrew Schwarz, Manjari Mehta, and Norman Johnson. “Understanding Frameworks and Reviews: A Commentary to Assist us in Moving Our Field Forward by Analyzing Our Past.” The Data Base for Advances in Information Systems. [2007]
    • Day, Jamison, Anand Nair, Murat Kristal, Surya Pathak, William Sawaya. “Complexity and Adaptivity in Supply Networks: Building Supply Network Theory Using a Complex Adaptive Systems Perspective.” Decision Sciences. [2007]
    • Day, Jamison M., Faizul Huq, Nikhil Pujari and Trevor Hale. “A Framework for an Integrated Supply Chain Optimization Model.” International Journal of Logistics Systems Management. [ 2007]
    • Ives, Blake and Dennis Adams. “Multi-User Virtual Environments: Vaulting from Virtual to Valuable.” Cutter Benchmark Review. [2007]
    • Ives, Blake and G. Piccoli. “STA Travel Island: Marketing First Life Travel Services in Second Life.” (CAIS) Communications of the Association for Information Systems. [2007]
    • Johnson, Norman, Chon Abraham, Douglas Steel and Iris Junglas. “Identity Formation, Learning Styles and Trust in Virtual Worlds.” Data Base. [2007]
    • Junglas, Iris A. and Blake Ives. “Managing IT in a Disaster: Lessons from Hurricane Katrina.” MISQ Executive. [2007]
    • Khumawala, Basheer, Joaquin Diaz-Saenz and John Visich. “An Empirical Comparison of Improvement Heuristics for the Mixed-Model, U-Line Balancing Problem.” International Journal of Manufacturing Technology & Management. [2007]
    • Khumawala, Basheer and Margaret Noble. “Maquiladoras and Beyond: The Continuing Search for Competitive Labor.” AIMS International Journal of Management. [2007]
    • Porra, Jaana. “A Lifetime of Ethical use of Computers – A Dialogue with Enid Mumford, Jaana Porra and Rudy Hirschheim.” Journal of the Association of Information Systems. [2007]
    • Porra, Jaana and Rudy Hirschheim. “Enid Mumford’s Contribution to Information Systems Theory and Theoretical Thinking – Introduction to the Special Issue.” (JAIS) Journal of the Association of Information Systems. [2007]
    • Porra, Jaana, David Avison, Niels Bjørn-Andersen, Elayne Coakes, Gordon B. Davis, Michael J.Earl, Amany Elbanna, Guy Fitzgerald, Robert D. Galliers, Rudy Hirschheim, Juhani Iivari, Heinz K. Klein, Frank Land, Marco de Marco and Andrew M. Pettigrew. “Enid Mumford: A Tribute.” Information Systems Journal. [2007]
    • Silva, Leiser. “Institutionalization Does Not Occur by Decree: Institutional Obstacles in Implementing a Land Administration System in a Developing Country.” Information Technology for Development. [2007]
    • Silva, Leiser, Jennifer González-Reinhart and Eugenio B. Figueroa. “Interpreting IS Alignment: A Multiple Case Study in Professional Organizations.” Information and Organization. [2007]
    • Silva, Leiser. “Epistemological and Theoretical Challenges for Studying Power and Politics in Information Systems.” Information Systems Journal. [2007]
  • 2006 Publications

    • Chin, Wynne W. “Methods and Applications in Marketing and Related Fields, A Permutation Based Procedure for Multi-Group PLS Analysis: Results of Tests of Differences on Simulated Data and a Cross Cultural Analysis of the Source.” Handbook of Partial Least Squares Concepts. [2006]
    • Chin, Wynne W. “Methods and Applications in Marketing and Related Fields, On reporting PLS based research: Issues and Approaches.” Handbook of Partial Least Squares Concepts. [2006]
    • Chin, Wynne W. “Methods and Applications in Marketing and Related Fields, Cross-Validation Indices For PLS Path Model Assessment.” Handbook of Partial Least Squares Concepts. [2006]
    • Day, Jamison M. and Gus Donnell. “A Survey of Supply Chain Demand Variability (Bullwhip Effect) Metrics.” Decision Sciences Institute 2006 National Meeting Proceedings. [2006]
  • 2005 Publications

    • Chin, Wynne W., A. Majchrak, C. Beath, R. Lim. “Managing Client Dialogues During Information Systems Design to Facilitate Client Learning.” MIS Quarterly [2005]
    • Junglas, Iris A. “On Ease of Use and Usefulness of Location-Based Services.” International Journal of Mobile Communications
    • Junglas, Iris A. and Doug Steel. “The Virtual Sandbox.” Data Base
    • Silva, Leiser and Rudy Hirschheim. “Fighting windmills: Strategic Information Systems and Organizational Deep Structures.” MIS Quarterly
    • Silva, Leiser. “Post-positivist Review of Technology Acceptance Model.” (JAIS) Journal of the Association of Information Systems
  • Competitive Conferences

    • Bregman, Robert L., Strakos, J.. "A Total Cost Analysis of U.S. Supplier Competitiveness." Proceedings of the Decision Sciences Institute, 42: 3281-3286 [2011]
    • Gu, Qiannong, John K. Visich and Basheer M. Khumawala. "Production Lot Sizing with Advance Information Sharing." Proceedings of the 22nd Annual Meeting of the Production and Operations Management Society [2011]
    • Mousavidin, Elham and Silva Leiser. "Knowledge Sharing in Virtual Communities." DSI. [2011]
    • Visich, John K., Qian-nong Gu and Basheer M. Khumawala. "B2C Mass Customization in the Classroom." Proceedings of the 42nd Annual Meeting of the Decision Sciences Institute [2011]
  • Books & Book Chapters

    • Chin, Wynne W. et al. (Editors). Handbook of Partial Least Squares Concepts, Methods and Applications in Marketing and Related Fields. Springer Verlag. [2007]
    • Scamell, Richard W. and N. S. Umanath. Data Modeling and Database Design. Thomson Course Technology. [January 2007]
    • Silva, Leiser. "Institutionalization Does Not Occur by Decree: Institutional Obstacles in Implementing a Land Administration System in a Developing Country." Spatial Data Infrastructures in Context: North and South. Taylor and Francis, 2011.
    • Silva, Leiser and Chris Westrup. (Editors.). Proceedings of the Ninth International Working Conference of IFIP WG 9.4: Taking Stock of E-Development. IFIP 9.4. [2007]
  • Editorial Board Positions

    • Associate Professor Jaana Porra is associate editor of Journal of the Association for Information Systems and is 2010 co-chair of IS Philosophy track for International Conference on Information Systems.

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