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The demographic shift in the workplaces, workforces and marketplaces of today has generated significant challenges and opportunities. The graduates of the Bauer College of Business are entering workplaces that have to create strategies that management and leverage:

  • The Workforce: Some studies by the U.S. Department of Labor have indicated that over 75% of people entering the workplace today are either women, immigrants or people of color. Becoming diverse is inevitable; the real challenge is to become inclusive and culturally competent.
  • The Workplace: With the changes occurring in most workplaces; there are multiple generations, gender changes, differences in communications styles, thinking styles, leadership approaches and more. Creating workplaces where employees feel valued and respected is a requirement to increase employee engagement and productivity.
  • The Marketplace: Customers are often as diverse as the changing employees in most organizations today. Organizations that are (B2C- Business to Consumer) have long understood the marketplace implications for creating a comprehensive marketplace diversity strategy.

A significant area of focus for the International Institute for Diversity & Cross Cultural Management (IIDCCM) involves the importance of understanding how “culture” affects an organization. Culture has many different implications including but not limited to:

  • Corporate Culture
  • Global Dimensions of Culture
  • Occupational Culture
  • Cross-Cultural leadership
  • Traditional Diversity Culture

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