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Do YOU want to make a difference?

If the answer is yes, then please continue reading

There are thousands of local Nonprofits serving many different causes many of which are focused on improving the lives of those who have been physically/sexually abused, have mental/physical health issues, as well as providing educational/employment opportunities. In addition, there are many Nonprofits who focus on serving our most basic needs by providing food, clothing or housing/emergency shelter throughout the year as well as following a disaster or financial hardship as many people have recently experienced.

We truly believe in volunteerism and we know that many fellow Coogs share in this belief as many of you are regular volunteers in serving our local community and are already “making a difference”! Keep up the great work in serving others and displaying your Cougar Pride! We hope to volunteer with you in the future! GO COOGS!!!

Since 2011 we began the annual 9/11 Day of Service at the Food Bank which started with 50 volunteers. We are proud to THANK all of our 500 plus volunteers that attended the 2013 9/11 Day of Service!

Our goal for next year is to reach the 700 volunteer mark, so please save the date of September 13th 2014 to volunteer at the Houston Food Bank!

UH BCAA Volunteer Opportunities

Check the events calendar for upcoming volunteer opportunities with the UH BCAA. We could serve others in need and display our Cougar pride by volunteering with our fellow Bauer Alums and any “honorary” Coogs. We have a committee which is responsible for coordinating volunteer events on behalf of the BCAA throughout the year while serving many different causes that also appeal to our diverse alumni base. We hope that you decide to volunteer with your fellow Bauer Alums so that together we can serve others in need as well as display our Cougar Pride!

RSVP & Contact Us

Do you have any volunteer ideas/suggestions? Would you like to volunteer with us? We want to hear from you! Please submit any volunteer ideas/suggestions that you know of or questions by emailing Karla Villareal, and we’ll contact you as soon as possible.


If you are moving, traveling or performing any “spring cleaning”, there are three ways you can easily help the homeless. Please contact Karla Villareal for any items that needs pick-up from your home, office or a convenient location throughout the year that you may wish to donate to the homeless and he will ensure that these items are donated to the Star of Hope or directly to the homeless on the streets of Houston.

  1. Moving – It is always a great time to donate items to those in need while at the same time making your move a little bit easier.
  2. Spring Cleaning – It is always a great time to donate items that you no longer use or even after having a garage sale and any remaining items that might not have sold.
  3. Traveling – Please consider collecting any hotel toiletries especially if you travel frequently. These travel size items are especially appreciated by the homeless as it helps provide them items that are needed but are also easy to transport.