Issues surrounding how society uses technology and data-driven insights have become more critical than ever, with a global focus on upskilling and preparing the workforce for the jobs of tomorrow.


Bauer College has collaborated with Intel to provide training in Artificial Intelligence that is accessible, equitable and applicable across all industries. Together, we are empowering non-technical audiences to harness the power of AI across disciplines, including accounting, energy, healthcare, real estate, finance, supply chain and beyond.

Stay connected with us as we announce upcoming undergraduate and executive development programs in AI.

Technology That Transforms Decision-Making

The Bauer Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence Institute enhances student experience, creating industry collaboration, and increasing research output by fostering interdisciplinary research collaborations across departments and with industry partners.

AI Faculty

Bauer College faculty are respected scholarly leaders, bringing research-based insights on AI into the classroom. Their work focuses on human-centered AI, digital platform design, user behavior and business applications for data.

Meng Li

Photo: Professor Meng Li
Professor and C. T. Bauer Professor of AI, Department of Decision & Information Sciences

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