Student Org Room Request Form

Classrooms in Melcher & Cemo Halls Bauer College


We will begin accepting Bauer Student Organization Room Requests at 8:00am on January 8, 2014. UH will complete the assignment of classrooms for courses at the end of the second week of classes. During the third week of classes, we will review room requests and notify you of the results by January 31, 2014. Please do not schedule any events until the week of January 13 since UH uses the time between the beginning of the semester through the second week of classes to move classes to appropriate classrooms.

If you need a room prior to that time, one possibility would be to contact the UC now to check on availability, or visit the following link for other reservation resources:

When submitting room requests, keep in mind that Student Organizations will be limited to two reservations per week. Rooms within Bauer are designated as General Purpose Classrooms by the University and academic classes have precedence over the scheduling of events which may lead to your event being cancelled to accommodate Academic needs. By submitting a room request within Bauer, you agree to adhere to the following policies:

    • No food or drinks permitted.
    • Do not enter the room prior to approved start time. Academic classes have priority at all times and should never be disturbed, even if they remain in the room past the usual time.
    • Classes may be in progress—please keep noise outside the room, as well as inside the room, to a minimum.
    • Each room has a table and chair and a computer console at the front of the room.
    • If your event requires additional tables and chairs, send an email to Samantha Landry ( to reserve tables for your organization’s events as soon as you receive a confirmation for your room reservation.
    • Additional furniture from other areas cannot be brought into the room; if any furniture is moved within the room, please make sure the room is ready for the next class time with furniture appropriately in place.
    • Access to computer equipment must be requested from Bauer Division of Technology at (713) 743-4871 well in advance of the event date. Note that support for computer access is available only Monday-Friday.


Student Organization


Room Preference


Event Date

A minimum 3-working day lead time is required.    

Event Time


Capacity Needed

Note that events with 40 or less in expected attendance will first be checked for availability on the 5th floor of UCBB. If available, the event will be scheduled in one of those two rooms. For events with expected attendance of 50 or more, accommodations will be sought in one of the available auditoriums in either Melcher or Cemo Halls.

Name of Event


Contact Person

One designated room scheduler should be selected from the student organization. Room reservation requests and follow-up for the organization will be accepted from that individual only.









Description of event required. Additional comments relevant to the room request may also be included.


Reservations for the AIM Center Conference Room, the AIM Center, the AIM ticker area, the Concierge Area, the AIM staircase area and the area outside of room 180,170,160 should fill out this form:

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