2013 Oil & Gas Investment Banking Case Competition & Conference

The purpose of the case competition and conference will be to engage undergraduate and graduate students at universities in the state of Texas in an oil & gas case competition with a pitch for recommended corporate finance transactions.

Preliminary Case Competition:

Student teams of 3 made up of graduate, undergraduate, or mixed grad/undergrad are invited to compete in the case competition. The case will be disbursed on March 29th and due on April 12th. The case will require trade comparables, precedent transactions analysis, and discounted cash flow analysis with a pitch for corporate finance transactions for an oil and gas company. 9 finalists will be chosen to present their work in person at the conference to a panel of judges.

Conference Overview:

9:00 am: 9 final teams will pitch to a group of judges
11:00 am: Expected keynote speaker from CFTC
12:15 pm: Lunch catered in reception hall
1:30 pm: Panel of speakers from sponsoring investment banks
2:30 pm: Investment Banking Institute oil & gas modeling seminar
2:30 pm: (concurrently) 3 final teams present to new group of judges
6:15 pm: Dinner served along with recognition of winners

Competition Overview:

Last Day of Registration: March 29th, 5:00 pm CST
Case Study Dissemination Date: March 29th, 6:00 pm CST
Case Study Submission Deadline: April 12th, 11:59 pm CST
Finalists Announced: April 14th
Date of Conference: April 20th, 2013
Anticipated Attendance: 100+
Location: University of Houston


Bankers from bulge bracket, middle market, and boutique banks will be sponsors, judges, and panelists. These banks are involved for educational and recruitment purposes and we urge conference attendees to come prepared to network.

Free of cost:

All teams are invited to the conference and the nine finalists will have hotel expenses paid at the UH Hilton on their visit. Additionally, all attendees will be served a lunch and dinner, courtesy of the sponsors.


Dr. Praveen Kumar
Chair of Finance Department

Dr. Tom George
Director of Cougar Investment Fund

Lindsay Honari
Former Investment Banker and Current Career Advisor at Bauer College

Student Leaders:

Robert Dozortsev
President, Investment Banking Scholars

Santiago Correa
Vice President, Investment Banking Scholars

Stephen Godfrey
Oil and Gas Education Chairman, Investment Banking Scholars

Point of Contact:

If you are not competing in the conference but would like to attend, would like to have a large group attend, or have any other questions, please contact us.

Evan Blandford


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