Division of Technology

Bauer Supported Classrooms

This is a comprehensive list of Bauer Supported classrooms. We are continuously upgrading with new technology to accommodate various modes of teaching and learning for both local and remote students.

Building Audience-Facing Camera Instructor-Facing Camera Zoom/Teams Capable
 Melcher Hall 115  No  USB Webcam  Yes
 Melcher Hall 210B  No  USB Webcam  Yes
 Melcher Hall 213  No  USB Webcam  Yes
Melcher Hall 248   No  USB Webcam  Yes
Melcher Hall 256   No  USB Webcam  Yes
 Melcher Hall 290  No  USB Webcam  Yes
 Melcher Hall 302  No  No  No
 Melcher Hall 313  Auto-Tracking Camera  Auto-Tracking Camera  Yes
 Melcher Hall 365A  No  USB Webcam  Yes
 Melcher Hall 365B  No  USB Webcam  Yes
 CBB 310  PTZ Camera  PTZ Camera  Yes
 CBB 328  No  USB Camera  Yes
 CBB 410  No  PTZ Camera  Yes
 CBB 412  No  PTZ Camera  Yes
 CBB 414  PTZ Camera  Auto-Tracking Camera  Yes
 CBB 416  PTZ Camera  Auto-Tracking Camera  Yes
 CBB 502  Auto-Tracking Camera  Auto-Tracking Camera  Yes 
 CBB 506  No  PTZ Camera  Yes
 CBB 508  No  PTZ Camera  Yes
 CBB 510  No  PTZ Camera  Yes
 CBB 522  No  PTZ Camera  Yes
 CBB 524  No  PTZ Camera  Yes
 CBB 538  No  PTZ Camera  Yes
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