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Episode 21: Melissa Emekli (MBA '11) – A conversation on taking the leap to small business ownership with Markka CEO & President Melissa Emekli and Bauer College communications manager Amanda Sebesta. (iTunes | MP3 | Web Player)


From the series:

How Do They Do It?

Working Wisdom from the C. T. Bauer College of Business

“How Do They Do It?” is a podcast in the Working Wisdom series from the C. T. Bauer College of Business. The podcast focuses on work, life and everything in between, featuring conversations with amazing people who have navigated and overcome obstacles to achieve personal and professional success.

From simultaneously building a professional career to nurturing a family (whether that is a spouse, children, parents or other relatives) to identifying creative and personal pursuits, many often look at a successful people in business and wonder, How do they do it?

Through this podcast, we hope to provide an answer — they just do.


How Do They Do It: Previous Episodes

  • Episode 20: Nancy Almodovar (BBA '04) – A conversation on flipping houses (and industry mindsets) with Nan & Company Properties CEO Nancy Almodovar and Bauer College marketing senior Lauren Christensen. (iTunes | MP3 | Web Player)
  • Episode 19: Kelly McCormick – A conversation on nurturing, cultivating and celebrating women in entrepreneurship with UH RED Labs managing director Kelly McCormick and Bauer supply chain & entrepreneurship senior Judy Mai. (iTunes | MP3 | Web Player)
  • Episode 18: Jamie Belinne & Emese Felvegi – A conversation on millennials & Gen Z in the workforce with Bauer College Assistant Dean for Career Services Jamie Belinne and Clinical Assistant Professor Emese Felvegi. (iTunes | MP3 | Web Player)
  • Episode 17: Desiree Worrell-Mosley – A conversation on owning your time with Sproutstart Academy founder and director Desiree Worrell-Mosley ('17) and UH RED Labs managing director Kelly McCormick. (iTunes | MP3 | Web Player)
  • Episode 16: Melanie Jones – A conversation on the challenges and opportunities for women in entrepreneurship and tech with Marketing Interface founder and CEO Melanie Jones and UH RED Labs managing director Kelly McCormick. (iTunes | MP3 | Web Player)
  • Episode 15: Elizabeth Killinger – A conversation on finding confidence and courage to make bold changes with Reliant and NRG Retail President Elizabeth Killinger (BBA ’91) and Bauer College Dean Latha Ramchand. (iTunes | MP3 | Web Player)
  • Episode 14: Raquel Boujourne – A conversation on making the impossible possible with A Status Construction CEO Raquel Boujourne and Bauer College Dean Latha Ramchand. (iTunes | MP3 | Web Player)
  • Episode 13: Lola Soyebo Harris – A conversation on keeping it simple and learning to say "no" with Alpha Capital Partners managing director of asset performance Lola Soyebo Harris (MBA '16) and Elisha Consulting creative director Alejandro Sanoja (MBA '17). (iTunes | MP3 | Web Player)
  • Episode 12: Creatives & Careers – A conversation on injecting creativity into your career, led by Bauer College alumna Noha Sahnoune and student Emma Armer during a creatives meetup at Slowpokes in Houston. (iTunes | MP3 | Web Player)
  • Episode 11: Darcie Wells – A conversation on changing paths, nonprofit leadership, being bold and making time for what’s important with Greater Houston Market March of Dimes executive director & mom-to-two Darcie Wells (MBA ’03) and Assistant Dean Jamie Belinne. (iTunes | MP3 | Web Player)
  • Episode 10: Rafa Farihah – A conversation on the business of digital media and creating an authentic personal brand online with Bauer College student, former BuzzFeed intern and YouTuber Rafa Farihah. (iTunes | MP3 | Web Player)
  • Episode 9: Diana Murakhovskaya – A conversation on female friendships and fundraising for female founders with Monarq co-founder Diana Murakhovskaya. (iTunes | MP3 | Web Player)
  • Episode 8: Noha Sahnoune – A conversation with Bauer College marketing senior Emma Armer and ExxonMobil corporate financial analyst Noha Sahnoune on being a millennial and Muslimah in business school & corporate America. (iTunes | MP3 | Web Player)
  • Episode 7: Paulina Tobon – A conversation with Assistant Dean Jamie Belinne and Luca Love Bracelets founder Paulina Tobon (BBA '13) about taking big risks to help the world. (iTunes | MP3 | Web Player)
  • Episode 6: Emma Plumb – A conversation with 1 Million for Work Flexibility Director Emma Plumb on flex as a business imperative and plans for National Flex Day. (iTunes | MP3 | Web Player)
  • Episode 5: Grace Rodriguez – A conversation with Station Houston co-founder and chief experience officer Grace Rodriguez on fostering the Houston startup community. (iTunes | MP3 | Web Player)
  • Episode 4: Sana Mohammed – A conversation with Bauer College alumna Sana Mohammed on slowing down and being intentional. (iTunes | MP3 | Web Player)
  • Episode 3: Betsy Gelb – A conversation with Betsy Gelb, professor of marketing, about shifting perspectives and breaking barriers. (iTunes | MP3 | Web Player)
  • Episode 2: Dusya Vera – A conversation with Dusya Vera, Bauer College associate professor of management, about balancing a burgeoning professional career with motherhood and special needs parenting. (iTunes | MP3 | Web Player)
  • Episode 1: Beth Williams – A conversation with Beth Williams, TechTrans International CEO, about overcoming obstacles (in her case, her husband’s death, the passing of her business partner and 5 bouts with cancer) and remaining resilient. Original Podcast Date: Aug. 15, 2017. (iTunes | MP3 | Web Player)
  • Bonus Episode - Dean Latha Ramchand shares the vision for this podcast series and the goal to create a “pod of inspiration” by sharing stories of women who found success personally and professionally through nonlinear paths. Original Podcast Date: Aug. 15, 2017. (iTunes | MP3 | Web Player)


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The Bauer College Working Families Initiative provides resources, support and access to make workplaces friendly to working families. Click here to learn more.


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