Bauer GEMI Energy Symposium Focuses on Energy De-carbonization Discussion

Published on April 15, 2019

The use of hydrogen is considered to be one important piece of any complex solution to de-carbonization of energy. The Gutierrez Energy Management Institute (GEMI) at Bauer College recently hosted a group of energy executives, faculty and thought leaders for an invitation-only symposium and workshop on the role of hydrogen in a transition to a low carbon energy industry.

"Hydrogen is the most abundance element in the earth’s biosphere and has properties which make it potentially valuable as a zero-carbon fuel, energy carrier, and storage medium,” said Greg Bean, Executive Director of GEMI.

 “The purpose of the symposium is to deepen understanding of emerging trends and debate potential business opportunities and challenges with regards to hydrogen.”

The meeting included prepared remarks by several topic experts and small group discussions focusing on the most promising opportunities for hydrogen, key business opportunities, and key challenges facing potential investors. The proceedings will be incorporated in a white paper in conjunction with UH Energy that will be published this summer.

"This symposium is aligned with two of GEMI's key roles which are to undertake research in business matters of interest to the industry and provide opportunities to discuss relevant issues in a neutral setting," Bean said.