The Healthcare Business Institute’s educational mandate will embrace both formal degree-based education and shorter non-degree programs. The Institute will offer masters programs in healthcare that will bring the disciplinary focus of academic business disciplines to contemporary problems in healthcare. Graduates from this program will be able to lead healthcare organizations, interface with multiple entities in the healthcare ecosystem, and manage complex problems and projects. Degree programs offered by the Institute will include such domains as leadership, finance, technology, operations, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

In addition to degree programs the institute will also sponsor a variety of non-degree Executive Education programs. These executive education programs will include three kinds of programs:

Focused Open Enrollment

Programs that will target specific groups of professionals, policy makers, and practitioners facing similar problems. Examples include physicians in multi-specialty hospitals, operations managers in hospitals, IT service managers in hospitals, healthcare supply chain managers, device makers, retail pharmacy systems, insurance providers, and risk managers in HMOs and PPOs.


Programs that will target a particular entity – such as a hospital or a medical device maker – and offer customized content in response to specific needs of the entity. Examples include, Leadership Programs, Marketing & Sales Effectiveness, Analytics and Big Data Applications in Healthcare, Operational Excellence, etc.


Programs which deal with specific problem areas of contemporary relevance such as healthcare project management, device pricing, care delivery efficiency and metrics, EMR/EHR management, sourcing and contracts, cost control in clinical care delivery systems, etc.