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Bauer Department of Accountancy & Taxation Celebrates Successful Year

Accountancy & Taxation Advisory Board Celebrates Student, Alumni, Faculty & Staff During Annual Awards Event

Published on April 26, 2021

Photo: Danile Crumrine

Fayez Sarofim & Co. Vice President & CFO Dan Crumrine (MSACCY ’86)

Students, faculty, staff, alumni and corporate partners of the C. T. Bauer College of Business Department of Accountancy & Taxation celebrated a year of success recently during the annual Accountancy Advisory Board Awards Event, held virtually in April.

The event recognized the achievements and contributions of many associated with the department, including Fayez Sarofim & Co. Vice President & CFO Dan Crumrine (MSACCY ’86), who received the Outstanding Alumni Award.

“Our vision at the Bauer College is to be a world-class business school that transforms lives, organizations and society, and the Department of Accountancy & Taxation plays a vital role in implementing our vision,” Dean Paul A. Pavlou said.

He added: “Bauer College accounting students are the most highly recruited of any Texas business school by all the large public accounting firms and companies in Houston. Additionally, the Department of Accountancy & Taxation brings a number of successes to the college, including our impressive Accounting Data Analytics Program as well as recognition as a Center of Excellence in Internal Audit, besides a top-rated Oil & Gas Accounting Program.”

“Even in a challenging year for the entire world, our faculty and staff adapted to provide our students with remote learning and virtual advising and engagement opportunities, and our industry partners have stepped up as well, showing support for the entire Bauer community during this time,” Pavlou said.

During the awards event, students, faculty and staff from the department were recognized for their dedication, research, service and outstanding academic achievements over the last year.

“Working with our students, staff, faculty, volunteers and business partners has been one of the greatest joys in my life,” said Clinical Professor Michael Newman, accounting programs director. “During the last twenty years, I have seen our students not only take their educations seriously but make continuous sacrifices to pay for and complete their education. Almost all worked, or are working, outside jobs while attending school and being involved in student and community activities, a great number were and continue to be first generation graduates, and all have great attitudes.”

He added: “We have the greatest staff and faculty in the country as far as I am concerned because of their student-oriented approach to teaching and their continuous efforts to build an outstanding Accounting Program, and our business partners, many of whom are UH alumni, have consistently helped us improve our Accounting Program, have hired our students and have supported our students with scholarships, mentorship and moral support.”

2020 and 2021 TXCPA Accounting Excellence Award:

  • Samuel Cooper - 2019-2020
  • Ekaterina Lyubomirova - 2020-2021

Leadership Excellence Award:

  • Saida Adaya
  • Hamzah Ansari
  • Melissa Bransford
  • Ajay Cheney
  • Samuel Harper
  • Rochel May Ibanez
  • Liam Kahney
  • Noah Kopesky
  • Christine Nguyen
  • Nini Nguyen
  • Yuexing Qian
  • Romelia Sanchez
  • Nadine Talje
  • Bingjie Wu

Academic Excellence Award:

  • Jose Aguilera
  • Fanny Cao
  • Krumer Cheung
  • Gloria Chow
  • Emily Chung
  • Luca Coletta
  • Connor Colorado
  • Safeer Dhuka
  • Jennifer Fox
  • Nikkita Gamez
  • Andres Garcia
  • Christina Gooch
  • Natalia Grecu
  • Lada Heng
  • Quynh Ho
  • Emily Huang
  • Jiali Huang
  • Andrew Jaimes
  • Jessica Johnson
  • William Kahney
  • Noah Kopesky
  • Minhua Kuang
  • Van Lam
  • Xiuying LI
  • Ashley Lindemann
  • Man Lu
  • Anh Luu
  • Maxwell McCaskill
  • Paul McNelly
  • Edgar Mercado
  • Zill Momin
  • Usman Nadeem
  • Anh Nguyen
  • Christine Nguyen
  • Mai Anh Nguyen
  • Nancy Nguyen
  • Nini Nguyen
  • Rizna Noorani
  • Sofia Peredo
  • Quinn Pham
  • Yuexing Qian
  • Romelia Sanchez
  • Erin Sappington
  • SHanzeh Shah
  • Keying Shen
  • Nadine Talie
  • Ahmed Tawsif
  • Angelica Valdes
  • Luis Vasquez
  • Kayla Vo
  • Anmol Walia
  • Michael Winters
  • Andrea Wu
  • Bingjie Wu
  • Wilson Wu
  • Hongfeng Zhu

Outstanding MS Accountancy Students for 2019-2021:

  • JXiuying Li - Fall 2019
  • Romelia Sanchez - Spring 2020
  • Natalia Grecu - Fall 2020
  • Christine Nguyen - Spring 2021

Outstanding Staff Award:

  • JHannah Shimer, MS Accountancy Academic Advisor
  • Tiffany Woods, PPA Advisor

Outstanding Accounting Faculty Awards:

  • JNovia (Xi) Chen, Assistant Professor
    Outstanding Teaching Award
  • Saleha Khumawala, Robert Grinaker Professor of Accounting and Founding Director, SURE™ Program
    Outstanding Service Award
  • Haijin Lin, Associate Professor
    Outstanding Research Award