Bauer Faculty CARES Mentorship Program


What Bauer CARES Will Do For You

Student success is at the core of the Bauer College of Business and can best be achieved if viewed as a collaborative effort involving faculty, academic advisors, and career counselors. Mentoring can assist students to engage in the University community; it can strengthen their ability to recognize their skills, abilities, and interests, and it can assist them in thinking through and accomplishing long-term goals. And effective mentoring can best be achieved if it begins with faculty.

The Bauer Faculty CARES Program consists of Bauer College faculty members Committed to Assisting and Responding to the needs of Bauer College students in an effort to help Ensure their Success. Faculty engaged in this voluntary program take a special interest in helping Bauer College students develop into graduates who will become successful/flourish in their lives after graduation.

Faculty members who participate in the Bauer Faculty CARES Program can be thought as “builders” who make an effort to encourage students, believe in them, and help build them up. They seek to encourage academic excellence, positive self-esteem and personal growth of participating students by serving as (a) advisors who are willing to give academic, career planning and personal advice, (b) supporters who show respect and give emotional and moral encouragement, (c) sponsors who provide sources of information and aid in obtaining scholarship and job opportunities, and (d) models of the kind of person one should be to be successful in life.

Bauer Faculty Cares




Please contact:

Richard Scamell
Associate Dean for Student Affairs
Phone: 713-743-4733
Room: 350G Melcher Hall